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2 Weeks Later

@camerondallas: Hacked by me King Jilly

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@camerondallas: Hacked by me King Jilly. 💜💙🔥💫💫
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@jillyanais: Babe when we switch phones it wasn't to take pics for Instagram 😁😂😂

@camfam: Omg #Jameron

@jillbill: I love #Jameron

@LianeV: Get it gurl 😂😂

@Official.Janina: My bestie hot 😂😂

@haileybaldwin: eww why is she posting on his page

@hateonthem: I hate her.

@OldJillyHater: I Don't even know why I hate on her she is pretty, looks smart, and Cameron loves her if you are a real fan you would love her aswell. I love her hair also. 😂😂

@ihatejil: I hate them both

@jillkill: I hate her so much she taking Cameron from us.

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