Twin Direction

Chapter Fifteen


Guys! Don’t hate. Appreciate. Sorry, random. But true!

Anyways, the whole plot just TOTALLY changed! Just to warn you. Lou and Holla were supposed to end up together but they aren’t going to! Cause I don’t like Holla! So, ya.

Shortish chapter? Well I don't know. Last dramatic chapter (: Rest are hopefully going to be happy. I dont know tho..

My iPod is on shuffle, tons of One Direction songs! Stole My Heart right now (:

“AND YOU STOLE MY HEART!” Niall yells from the bathroom and I roll my eyes, poking Mason’s cheek.

“He doesn’t know how to be quiet.” Lou groans, turning up the volume on the TV. We were trying to avoid the news, but it wasn’t working. ‘One Direction Member’s Twin Guilty Pleasure’ was all over the news. Who ever made up that title must be on drugs. Most importantly, the person who approved it must be on drugs too.

“Retarded title.” Liam laughs and we listen to the newscaster ramble. I don’t know why the boys had been avoiding it, it actually amuses me.

Mason gets up to get the remote on the coffee table but I stop him. “It’s amusing.”

“It sounds like a porn thing.” Harry mumbles, blushing when we all stare at him.

“As you all have heard, Niall has had pictures taken with both Holla and Kelsey Twist, One Direction band mate’s step sisters and twins. We have been told that Niall dated Kelsey Twist and cheated on her with the older twin, Holla Twist.” The newscaster looks down at the piece of paper on the counter and pictures flood the screen. Pictures of Niall’s arm wrapped around me and Holla and Niall kissing. More pictures of Holla and Niall then me and Niall. Well, no duh, my sister sent them in.

“Which one do you think is prettier?” The other newscaster interrupts and Mason’s eyes widen. My grip on his hand tightens and all eyes and ears are on the news.

“Well, I think Kelsey Twist is. She has that natural beauty.” The male newscaster sighs, showing a picture of me and Niall together. It was a good picture actually, we both had weird expressions. It was a happy picture. And I had no makeup in the picture.

“I think Holla, because she has pretty eyes.” The newscaster who had spoken before replies. A picture of Holla and Niall flashes on the screen, Holla’s eyes wide.

“Kelsey.” The one who asked replies quickly and I smirk. A picture of Mason, Zayn, LA and I fill the screen. It was a picture only taken a couple days ago. I’m sitting on Mason’s lap and LA is on Zayn’s. LA and I are posing while both boys are making funny faces behind us.

“Who do you think fits best with Niall? A twitter member asked.” The male, who I find out is named Mike, asks.

“Kelsey.” The girl who had gone in my favor, named Madison, smiles. No picture this time.

“Kelsey.” The other two newscasters reply in unison. Zayn and I high five, making everyone laugh.

“YA BABY!” I shout and Mason covers his ears. I smirk, kissing him quickly before dancing around the house. Ya, I kissed him.

“Why is she happy?” Niall asks, only with a towel on, coming into the front room as I land on the couch.

“She got voted unanimously that she-,” Before Louis can answer, I shove my hand over his mouth. I’m a secret ninja! Shh, it’s a secret!

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