Chapter 3

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Hello. Sorry this chapter isn't that great, I do apologize. I'm still greiving from the death of a really close friend and I am falling worse into depression as we speak. So please BEAR with me guys... Thanks for reading, you little daleks <3 


       I’ve been hanging out with Destery and Nathan for a few hours now. Currently, It was 6 in the afternoon and Destery was out to get some Taco bell while I stayed with Nate. I’ve been watching him play some legend of Zelda. I sat next to the arm of the couch curled up in a ball, and I still had Destery’s clothes on. I started to hear some noises from the room to the left.

      “Hey, Nathan?” I asked. He grunted in acknowledgment. “What’s making that noise?”

       “It’s probably kitty.” He replied, focused on the game.

I sit back down and start thinking. When I think unconsciously I start to hum. Apparently this time was no different, because Nathan spoke up,

       “What’re you humming?” The question snapped me out of my thoughts.

       “Sorry, I tend to do that when I think. The song was bleeding out by Imagine Dragons.” I smiled at him.

       “Well, that sounds like a happy song. Where in all the fuckity fucks could Destery be? I’m hungry as shit.” Nathan yelled as he broke someone’s pot.


“HEARDMYNAMEHEARDMYNAMEHEARDMYNAME” We all heard Destery yell, running in with taco bell bags. I chuckled, and returned to twiddling my thumbs and picking at the thread that was sticking out of the sleeve of his shirt.

       “Lana, this ones yours.” I turned my head quickly, and pointed to myself in a questioningly manner.

       “Mine?” He nodded, handing the bag into my hesitating hand, “Oh you didn’t have to, and I can’t accept this!” I said trying to hand it back, despite the growling in my stomach.

       “When was the last time you ate? I can fit my hand around your entire arm. Eat. You can thank me later.” He winked and shoved the food back into my hands.


       I smiled graciously and started eating. I sat between Nathan and Destery. I finished and sheepishly stood and threw away the bag. Destery stood up as well. “Oh yeah, you can change back if you’d like to.” I nodded and followed him out into a small room that had two machines. It was an extremely small room, but I stayed to the side of him. He leaned into the drying machine and turned sharply to hand it to me, but accidentally knocked me over.

       In the midst of trying to catch me, he fell as well, but held out his hands so he didn’t crush me.

       “Oh shit!” Destery yelled. I opened my eyes and relaxed my tensed face as if waiting for the impact and blushed seeing how close he was to me.

       “Hello.” I whispered my hands curled in front of my chest. He stayed where he was for a moment before cussing again and jumping up.

       Destery handed me my clothes, avoiding eye contact.  I stood up and grasped the clothes. I could feel the blush creeping up on my neck and face again, so I quickly excused myself.

       “I’m going to go change alright?” I almost ran off to the bathroom. I slid off the shirt and sweat pants. Keeping my gaze off the huge bruise, I slid on my under-garments. I grabbed my black ripped up tank top and slid it on first. My ripped and faded skinny blue jeans followed after. I glanced at the sweatshirt. Most of the stains came out, except for a few bloodstains and dirt. I slid it on, fixing the strings and evening it out. I kept my eyes off the mirror as I walked out of the bathroom. Depression, anxiety, and desperation came over me as I slid on my battered up converse.

       I walked to the living room where Nathan and Destery sat, laughing and discussing something of YouTube. Nostalgic

Memories swept through me like crashing waves. Nathan saw me approach and looked up, as did Destery. “Destery, Nathan, I’d really like to thank you for all you’ve done. It’s really nice to know there are still wonderful people out there. If there’s anything I could do to pay you back, let me know now.  I must be off now, I’ve imposed for to long. You boys are absolutely wonderful. Thank you. You’ve picked me up and dusted me off.”

       My throat felt like someone had stuck his or her hand down it, it was that hard to talk. Blinking away tears, I turned to walk away and find my own way out.

       “Lana, no, wait!” Nathan called out behind me. I heard someone get off the couch. I turned my head to see Destery walking towards me.

       “You can stay, Lana. We’ve decided on something.” Destery smiled, letting me go to study my face. I was in shock. They want me to stay? Me, out of all people? Is this a joke? I don’t think they’d joke about this though. Is there a catch?

       “Close your mouth, Lana, someone’s going to put a dick in it.” Nathan joked and I quickly shut my mouth, blushing furiously. I blinked a total of fifteen times before answering.

       “I get to… stay here?” I questioned, pointing at the ground.

       Now Nathan got up and walked towards us. “This is the plan. You can stay here. We’ll help you get a job. Until you get enough money to get all the essentials, you’ll stay here. When you do get work though, you’ll have to help pay rent.” Destery nodded with what Nathan said.

       I hugged Nathan tight around the neck, jumping up to reach it. “Oh thank you so much!” I exclaimed. I let go of him to see a cheeky smile on his face. I turned to Destery and hugged him tight as well. I felt tingly as I touched him, but I passed it off as static. That’s all it is right?

       I felt so happy. Finally, in five months, a home. These boys are so amazing. I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

       Little did I know, I’d have feelings for one of them.

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