Chapter 5+

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"You followed me!?" I yelled. I should've known this.

"I had a bad feeling in my stomach and I couldn't help but follow. I'm sorry. But when I saw him walk in the room, I had to hide." Taehyung said and he made an angry look at Yoongi.

"Well I'm fine so you can leave now." I say bluntly to Tae.

"So you are choosing Yoongi over me at the moment?"

"Yeah, at the moment. I have to straighten some things out." I say with my teeth clenched while I look back at him.

"Whatever." Taehyung says and walks out, slamming the door behind him. After he left, I felt mediate guilt cross over me. I really did just choose between my best friend and this piece of shit.

"So. You want to straighten some things out huh?" Yoongi said with a taunting tone. Oh how I could feel the hormones taking over. Right now, I feel attracted to him in some strange way. I wanted him. I wanted to feel his lips on mine. His hands on my bare skin.

I guess this is what lust feels like.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Yoongi said with a questionable tone.

"Nothing. Shut up."

"Oh? Is someone upset? Confused? Do you need me?"

I didn't want to do this. Not here. I can't do this, but I feel like I'm stuck. Yoongi walks over to me and leans down to kiss me. I look up and almost meet his lips, but stop. Yoongi was giving off a dark chuckle.

"Oh my poor little bean." Says Yoongi in a dark tone. Yoongi, then slams me into the wall and slams his mouth onto mine. I feel his hands travel up my back and play with my bra strap.

"Listen to me, I want you to go down there." His eyes went down to his crotch. My heart went even faster. I can't do this.

"No! I've never given a blowjob before, and I don't want to give one either." I said trying to back away but his arms held me.

"Prove yourself to me Minji."

What the hell am I supposed to do? I'm scared and I can't do it. Part of me wants to give in, but the other part is scared to death of what will really happen. What if I fall?

I slowly lower my knees, while my hands slowly move down on his body. My heart rate keeps going faster and faster.


"Good, you've made it that far." Yoongi smirked down at me. His hands lowered down to his pants as he undid his belt and pulled out his member.

"How bad do you want me?" Yoongi asks, which made my face go red. I really wanted him, I'm not sure if it hormones or actual "love". I was so confused. I gave off a slight nod.

"That's what I thought." Yoongi held his self in front of me. I slowly put my hands around it and try to calm myself down.

You can do this.

I start with the top, the most sensitive part. I lick and suck there first, just enough to show Yoongi what's coming. Yoongi gives off a slight groan.

I start moving up and down along with my hands in a slow pace. Then I feel his hands in my hair as he pushes me further down. I give off a slight moan for vibrations which drives a man crazy. Yoongi groans and keeps his hands on my head to make me go faster. Yoongi starts breathing faster and heavier.

He has to be close.

I speed up the pace while, going deeper. Yoongi was going crazy and I knew he wanted me. His hand made their way to my boobs.

"Okay little bean, I'm close. I am also warning you, it tastes disgusting." Yoongi said and gave off a little chuckle. Then all of a sudden, warm liquid squirted into my mouth. I didn't know what to do, so I just swallowed it. I stand up and look at Yoongi.

"Did you swallow it all?"

I gave a small nod. Yoongi wasn't wrong, cum had an describable disgusting taste.

"Damn, you're good for a first timer." Yoongi cleaned himself up and put his pants back on.

"We are NEVER doing this again." I say.

"Don't plan on it."

Should I feel hurt he doesn't want to sleep with me? Oh shit. I think I have feelings for Min Yoongi.

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