Today was Harry's birthday, and he knew that his family had a party planned for later, so he had already invited Hermione the day before, and she would be here later this afternoon.

Ron grunted one more time, removing his hand from Harry's and feeling a loss for some reason. He got up out of bed and removed his shirt, throwing it on his bed, and heading over to his dresser.

Harry got up shortly after the redhead, throwing his own shirt back in his suitcase and proceeding to dig for another one. They each took turns brushing their teeth and hair before heading downstairs, where they were treated my Ronald's mom.

"Good morning boys," she smiled sweetly and gave them each their own hug. Harry gladly accepted his, loving it when he got a hug from the woman. Mrs Weezley treated him like one of her own, and it was refreshing to Harry. His aunt Petunia never showed him much affection, but he stopped wanting it shortly after his uncle started hitting him.

"Come along boys, Harry you must be hungry, I cooked a big breakfast for the family, go on sit down." She showed him over to the table, and she wasn't exaggerating, the table was filled with food. The twins and Ginny were already filling their plates and stuffing their faces with food.

Mr Weezley was reading the paper in one hand and chewing on some bacon with the other hand, eyes completely focused on the daily news.

Harry sat down next to Ron and started piling some eggs, bacon, and a couple pancakes on his plate. He didn't realize how hungry he was until the food was sitting right in front of him on his own plate. He didn't bother with butter or anything, he was too hungry, so he just started eating that way.

Ron watched Harry eat in satisfaction, happy that his friend would have food in his stomach from now on. He didn't know what he was going to do at the end of the year when they all had to go home, but he was not going to let Harry suffer at the Dursley's anymore. He didn't care how he had to threaten the family, they would not mistreat Harry ever again.

Harry hummed at the delicious taste of his food, the dry pancakes like clouds melting in his mouth. The food sat like a comforting pillow in his stomach and the heat from his hot breakfast tea soothed his throat.

Soon all their plates were empty and there was hardly any food left on the table. Everyone's tummy was full and they all helped Mrs. Weezley with cleaning up the mess.

Dishes piled in the sink as Mr. Weezley put away all the uneaten food in the cooler.

Harry's stomach was so full, it was the best feeling ever, being satisfied with a meal. He hadn't felt that way in months, and along with the good night sleep he had thanks to Ron, he was the most refreshed he had been in a long time.

Harry helped Mrs. Weezley with the dishes while everyone else went outside to play games.

Ron stayed inside however, watching Harry from the dining table as his father sat next to him.

"Harry seems to have had a good night sleep last night, that's good." He opened his paper back up and started reading. "That boy really should be getting more sleep then he does."

Ron looked at his dad from the corner of his eyes, "yeah, he slept really good last night, I did that thing you taught me on him."

Mr. Weezley put his paper down roughly at this, looking at wrong as if he had done something surprising.

"You did what to him?" He asked in a whisper, looking over at Harry.

"Yeah?" Ron said unsurely. What was the problem with that? His dad was acting like Ron had poisoned Harry's food or something.

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