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It's the next morning, and the sun is starting to shine in from the window in Ron's room. The warmth of the Ray's chased away the cold as it danced across the exposed skin of Harry and Ron, who slept peacefully in the same position they fell asleep in.

When the light hit Ron's eyes, he woke, Harry was the first thing he saw. Their hands were still entangled and the tingling hadn't stopped. This was the first time Ron had seen Harry sleep so peacefully, so undisturbed. It would be a shame if he awoke, so Ron stayed put, keeping his hands where they were.

He watched him, ignoring how creepy it was. He didn't care anymore, he watched Harry sleep a lot and it was no longer an unatrual guilty pleasure.

That doesn't mean he would ever let Harry find out though.

He wasn't sure why he liked it, though he suspected it was probably the gay part of his bisexuality. He couldn't help but notice how cute Harry was, and enjoyed looking at him.

He wondered if Harry knew that he was half gay.

If Harry didn't, would he mind? Would he feel uncomfortable sleeping in the same bed if he knew? Would he refuse the contact that he already barely allows?

He didn't know. But he hoped when Harry did find out, he would accept it.

Honestly, he had no doubt his friend would.

It wasn't a secret either, his sexuality that is. If Harry happened to figure it out, then Ron wouldn't deny it. But he wasn't going make finding out as easy as just telling him.

This was one of the rare times that Harry was sleeping soundlessly, his eyes were not scrunched up in fear, his teeth were not clenching at something unseen, Harry was not gripping the sheets in loss of self control.

He was calm.

The stress lines in his face were barely noticeable, and his face was blank. His hair spiked up in all different directions, ever the unruly mess of black hair.

He was cute.

Not that Ron particularly had a crush on him, he just apreciated the way he looked, to him Harry was the embodiment of what Ron found attractive.

If Ron had a type, it would be Harry.

It wasn't for a few more minutes when Ron felt Harry stir.

"Morning sunshine." He said sarcastically.

Harry shut his eyes again and breathed out. "Shut up."

Ron noticed the raven hadn't moved to take back his hand, and he pretended not to notice either. Chosing instead to leave his hand there, he was still doing the power on Harry and neither of them felt like getting up at the moment. It wasn't even 8am yet; they had a few more minutes to rest.

Harry suprised Ron when he spoke.

"Uh, thank you, for you know," he spoke awkwardly and shook their connected hands a little, "last night, I don't think I've ever slept that good."

Ron grinned sleepily, eyes barely open as he replied, "no problem, mate. Anytime."

Their silence was short lived when Ron's mother called up the stairs.

"Boys! It's time for breakfast."

Her echoing voice was loud enough for both of them to hear, and they groaned, knowing that their time in bed was over. They would have to leave the warm comfort of their soft sheets and pillow to get up and ready for what was to hopefully be a good day. Today was the last day at home, they were to get on the train early in the morning to settle in their dorms and receive their schedules. They would be starting school the next day.

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