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hahahahahaha kill me.

long story short; I hate the third book so much. it's taken me two years to write because I hate it. there's so many plot holes, unnecessary routes which drag out the story I just hate it.

So I'm rewriting it. I don't want to change too much, but it's still going to be different. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience; but I feel like it's really needed. I'm keeping the old version up at the moment because some people are still reading it, but once that's done, it's coming off and this one will take it place.

on the bright side, this book might actually be completed this year.

so if you haven't read the old Venturesome, please don't. it's trash. and if you have read the old Venturesome, feel free to read this one or wait until I get up to date.

I just eh.
I just wanted to start again.

here's to a new book, with hopeful features!

I'm back and hoping to stay, my dudes.

xoxo Kayls

xoxo Kayls

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