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Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my story. I want to give Y'all a quick heads up. This book starts with a series of text between my MC (Main character) Aurora Santi Hinsley and her baby's father, Quamir Sr.  B.K.A. Mir. This story may also have a bit of urban bubonic's. I was just made aware that some people hate reading stories like that. So, I felt the need to warn you that this is an urban general fiction type of story.

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     As Aurora laid in her bed listening to the mellow sounds of THE QUIET STORM on WJJZ 106.1. She was trying her best to get comfortable so that she could get some sleep because of her prenatal appointment in the morning. She's hoping that the baby will finally stop being so stubborn and quit telling us to kiss his or her little ass and let us see if I am having a boy or girl. I swear it's like he/she knows when we are looking because every time I get up on the table, I can literally feel the baby position change, and we only have a view of his or her bum.

Aurora was abruptly pulled from her thoughts by her phone coming to life, which let her know that she received a message. She has been trying to avoid Jr.'s father Quamir (who she calls Mir) for the past 6th months.

Although she is avoiding him, it does not mean she keeps him from seeing their son. She knows that Junior needs his father in his life and that it's only so much that she can do as a mother; there are just some things that she alone can not teach her son, and there are things that only a man could teach him. So she tries for the sake of her children, to keep things cordial between Mir and her.

But when things get to where she can no longer stand to be around Mir, that's when her siblings or his siblings step in, and they take Junior back and forth between Mir and Aurora so that Junior can spend quality time with his father.

As she goes to retrieve her phone from her bedside table, she immediately assumed it was Mir texting her. As she looked down at her phone, her assumptions were correct; the message was from Mir



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'He just tried it; after all the shit he put me through, I can't believe he dares to send me this bullshit. I swear I wish I never met this bitch made fool, or better yet; I wish I wore protection when I gave him my virginity, but then again, I probably would not have my son or this precious little bundle of joy baking inside me.' Thought Aurora as she subconsciously rubbed her protruding 6th-month baby bump, but the more she read his text, the madder she became.

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