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Otabek had cleared the house of sharp things, how troublesome on days like this where nothing seemed to go right. It had started with the fact that he was sent to school and only got worse from there including the fact that several people had made it their mission to annoy him and that he ended up losing it and starting a fight. He'd only even gone to school to take the exams, which he'd passed with flying colors.

It wasn't otabek to walk into the principal's, it was Yuuri. Yuri cursed, "Why are you here?"

"Otabek told me you wanted to move back in with us, but didn't want to ask. I figured when I got a call from the principal it'd be nice see you. You can come home by the way. We're only staying here another week though. You'd need to move back in with Victor's brother really, staying with otabek isn't an option because you used to date. It's not a good idea while you're trying to fix things either."

"Not Alexei. Is there anywhere else I can go?"

"Victor has a friend that can take you in, but we don't know him that well. Victor said he was a sweet kid when they were growing up, but they haven't talked to each other in three years."

"I can go there."

"Are you sure? People change a lot in three years i don't know he's like anymore."

"I'm sure he's fine. You and Victor must have reached out to him. He's still nice right?"

"I suppose so. His neighbors say he's a model citizen. He's into politics and works with the mayor sometimes."

"Then ask him if he still would accept me."

Yuuri nodded, "Okay, but first off, we need to discuss why they sent you home and you're in the principal's office."

"I, uh, hit and beat up three boys."



"Were they smaller than you?"



"As many terrible things my parents did they also trained me in self defense. Although, of course they excluded the rape defense part."

Yuuri pursed his lips not wanting to say anything on that subject, "I don't agree with your parents on a lot, but I'm glad you know how to defend yourself."

"Besides," Yuuri said quietly, "Once I hit the main guy the others backed off."

Yuuri smiled, "You still shouldn't get into fights."

Yuri rolled his eyes, "If you can call it a fight. I hit two of them. And they started crying and then I hit the third and he hit me pretty hard back before the teachers broke it up."

Yuuri sighed, "Alright let's go. You can pack your stuff at Otabek's and we'll go."

Yuri nodded and rode quietly in the car before being dropped off. He met up with otabek inside who was on lunch break. Without a word he went upstairs and packed. Coming back down Otabek stopped him," Where are you going? "

" I'm going with Yuuri. In a few days I'll go to Victor's friend's house."

"You know I need to tell him right? About the cutting? He needs to make sure you don't start again since I can't."

"Please don't, you can check me every week. He doesn't need to know that. He'll only be upset and I'll have caused it."



"He won't be angry, but he will be worried. I'll let him know you're doing better," Otabek nodded his decision made and walked out to the car to talk to Yuuri. Frustrated, after about ten minutes had passed Yuri followed.

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