Many negative thoughts swirled in your mind making you more panicked than before.

What if–

Your thoughts get cut off by the background song playing.

Your eyes widens at the sound and you saw each of them stop and turn to stare at you, curious and shock that you were going to sing.

You stand there beside the TV, frozen and unable to speak.

Just before the lyrics appear on the screen for you to sing, you made a mental note to kill Quesnay later.

You opened your mouth and got one with the tune of (Favorite song).

*      *      *

After the last word from the lyrics escaped from your lips, you went silent. So did everyone.



“BRAVO (Y/n)!”


You jumped at the sudden compliments that bombarded you.

You smiled sheepishly at your friends or the gang.

“I got that on video!” Honey Lemon squealed and twitching her phone gently.

You saw Quesnay's smug smirk and a look that said, ‘I am very pleased with myself.’ (XD)

You rolled your eyes and flashed her a grin.

“Come on kiddos! It's cake time!” Aunt Cass said excitedly and handed you each a plate with a slice of (Favorite cake flavor) cake.

You munched your cake softly as you sat down.

Looking down at your cake you smiled happily at yourself.

How can it get better than this?

Sighing in content, you watched in the corner of your eye familiar shoes shuffling towards you.

You looked up and smiled.

“Kumusta (Hi), Hiro.” You greeted.

You were taking Tagalog lessons with Quesnay since she knew some words but not exactly an expert. She just had fun learning them. (Siriusly XD I'm a Filipino yeah but I learn a lot/ understand English better than Tagalog.. I guess you can say that I could get a nosebleed if I say Tagalog for too long XD We speak Waray-waray {A little bit Bisaya} not Tagalog. Tagalog is just a common language that Filipinos know even if we come from different places from the country but still understand them.)

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