(12) Birthday

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(I'll make this oneshot age at 11 or 12 so it would seem cute I guess??)


“Happy birthday to you!”

“Happy birthday to you!”

“Happy birthday! Happy birthdaaaay!”

“Happy birthday to you!” They sang in unison.

You grinned at all of them as your (Favorite cake flavor) cake was bought in front of you with matching (Favorite color) candles.

“Make a wish!” Fred said excitedly and pushed your back with both hands, making you face to face with your lovely cake that Aunt Cass made.

Gogo nudged him and gave him a glare.

“Don't pressure her!” She slapped his arm earning a yelp from him. 

You giggled and closed your eyes, wishing inside your head and finally blowing the candles.

They all clapped and gave you smiles.

“Yay!” They cheered.

You clapped with them, smiling ear to ear.

“Thank you so much guys!” You thanked them.

They smiled at you and engulfed you in a huge group hug with the follows of ‘Your welcome!’s around. While Aunt Cass took the cake and placed it on the table full of your favorite foods that she too cooked for your special day.

You grinned at them.

You all parted from the hug and Quesnay raised her hand.

“LET'S PARTY!” She screamed.

Everyone of you cheered and let the party begin.

“C'mon! Let's sing!” Quesnay said dragging you to the TV and grabbing a microphone.

“And when I meant 'Let's' I meant only you.” She said and smirked.

She handed the microphone to you and gave you thumbs up.

Then she backed away from you, taking steps backwards, an excited grin on her face as she watched you reaction.

“W-what? QUESNAY YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME!” You shouted at her, panicking a bit.

“SURE I CAN!” She looked over her shoulder and shouted back followed by some giggles.

Now you're FULLY panicking.

“Quesnay!” You wailed.

“Just sing!”

You sighed. You weren't going anywhere and you haven't got a choice.

Even if you backed out, she would pull you back and you know it.

You got the remote and skimmed through the songs available.

You got what song you wanted and took a deep breath.

You turned around to see everyone still minding their own business with Quesnay not far from you, a smile etched in her features as she gave you another thumbs up, gesturing for you to continue.

You rolled your eyes at her and skimmed your eyes through the crowd. There talking with Tadashi is Hiro.

Your heartbeat increased at the sight of him.

What if he thinks you sing bad?

What if your voice cracks?

What if you make a fool of yourself!?

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