chapter 12: aftermath 2

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Zack and ken yell at same time when they hear a loud sound of thud from Justin room they run toward it and knock

Sir is you alright? Zack ask

Justin is you? Ken mumble but when they didn't get a reply they open the door hesitantly

Wha-t –oh my God zack mumble when he saw Justin on floor blood pooling around him ken quickly pick him up and told zack to call the personal doctor after that he put him on the bed and grab first aid box from the bathroom and clear his wounds

After 5 minutes the doctor came and see that they already clear his wounds but blood is still oozing out from his stomach area he remove the cloth and see a big deep cut he quickly clean the cut again and stitches that side after giving medication he give some prescription to give him rest and left


I am now in lounge with the pink hair man again

"What is your name" he ask

"Jack "I mumble

"Oh so jack I know you don't know my name call me ken"

"Ken" i mumble

"Yeah that's my name" he said

"Okay "

"And don't try to run away okay becuase if you do what I said then may be I thought to let you visit your mother" he told me

"Really "



I left for my room when I hear voices outside the house and someone enter in the house.

I just lay on my bed when previous day incident came in my mind when the boss came house with blood all over his body and clothes he looked in so much pain but I not see any sign of emotion on his face just a blank face

We make an eye contact and I feel like there is something in his eyes he is trying to say but also blankness I am in my deep thoughts when I drift to sleep


When I awake feel pain in my body I tried ti sit but quickly grab my torso when I feel sharp pain run through my bod

Oh you awake someone mumble in sigh

What it means I just faint due to fatigue I look up

Are you fine Justin ken ask

Yeah I am fine Justin said

What is the date I ask when I remember I have to meet miss jane

4 january he told

4 –j-anuary is he kidding me or it some kind of joke I know when I came home from mission its 31st December

What do you mean I ask

Sir you are sleeping from last three days you lost much blood so you need to recover it zack said

Oh okay...make some food I mumble and they left

I stand and went to the washroom because I really smell disgust and wash myself

After that I bandage my wounds and wear my normal clothes and went to living room and sit on the chair and start eating after the lunch I went to my room.

When I hear a sound of my phone



I check the id which is showing on phone

Mrs jane is calling you

I press the answer button and hold near me ear

Hello Justin

Hi Mrs jane

How are you

I am fine

Oh thank god I thought something really bad happen to you

No its just a little accident nothing much I told her

Oh okay I came to you tomorrow for some personal discussion okay she ask

Yeah of course

Okay bye

bye ended.........

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