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I can feel it forming

As its boiling deep inside.

I can feel it clawing,

Its a rage I cannot hide.

And then I have to ask myself

How it could come to this?

I can feel it spreading as its

Bubbling through my chest.

Clouding up my senses

Until all I see is red.

The rage is now consuming me,

I’m hanging by a thread.

Its eating up my soul

As I pretend I cannot feel it,

Its breaking my defense

As I pretend I do not need it.

The beast is growing stronger,

And the rage is glowing redder.

The image of what happened 

Throws my conscience in the shredder.

Revenge is all I ask for, 

And it’s all I’ll ever need.

But vengeance is a troubled game

That plants a dangerous seed.

My hairs stand on my neck

As I get ready for the game.

The weapons I conceal

Will put my enemies to shame.

I prepare for my attack,

And free my feelings from the cage.

There’s nothing to hold back

‘Cause I’m releasing all my rage.


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~Mikaila <|:3

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