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Two updates in one week? How awesome am I?

* * *

The mind has the ability to detect and sense danger. If your gut tells you something is wrong, never ignore the feeling.

* * *

Sage woke up with a start, his alarm barking out its usual obnoxious jingles. On a normal day, he'd have rolled over and hit the snooze button to catch a little more sleep, but that particular day, as everything flowed back to him, he hopped up instantly.

Tossing the sheets off, Sage instantly dove for his bag. Of course, he fumbled around in his groggy for a bit before he got on his knees and reached over the nightstand for it. It was a lot heavier than he'd anticipated, hence is how it fell by his bedside, almost yanking him over with it.

He groaned loudly as he leaned over the bed and waved his hand around before he finally fixated his grip on the strap, pulling it up on the bed and into his lap. The instance of his diary being missing hit him fully, for the fact was true. It was nowhere to be found. That caused him to feel a great sense of unease.

He'd been searching for it for the whole weekend, but to no avail. Cecilia would've sworn on her life that she hadn't seen it. She even went as far as asking what was in it and why it was so important. Of course, he didn't utter a word.

* * *

Sage's feeling of trepidation only multiplied when he pushed through the double doors of his school. The uncanny feeling that everyone was staring at him was dominant, but as usual, he just kept his gaze down on his shoes until he found his locker.

Looking to his left, he could see a group of four teenagers staring directly at him, whispering amongst themselves in an act of subterfuge. Sage's stomach became gnarled, and he brushed some of his curls behind his ear as he tried to ignore them.

Licking his chapped lips, he entered the combination code for his locker, choosing to ignore the blatant stares he was receiving. Their eyes were drills as they made holes in the side of his head, causing him to look over where they were, again. This time, they promptly looked away, busying themselves with other matters.

What was that about?

They were probably discussing the party last night. Keeping that thought in mind, Sage pulled out his other books for his first period of HSB. His eyes did a double take inside, hoping that by any remote chances, his diary would be there.

He turned in the other direction with the full intention of starting towards his class when he realized that just about everyone around was looking at him, some even pointing, murmuring things Sage was too far to hear.

The jitters in his stomach were getting even worse, along with the feeling of impending danger. To him, it just felt like he was walking through one of his nightmares; or like he was back at his old school, probably. But there was a difference.

This time, all the hairs on his body were starting to stand on end. Everything in his being was telling him to make a bolt to the hills, but instead, he forwarded himself. If he was going to get over his anxiety, this was just a simple hill he was going to have to familiarize himself with, ultimately overcoming it.

Even though he'd gotten aggravated by his friends' constant chatter of boys, he'd give anything for them to be by his side right then. He felt so alone, vulnerable and confused all in one, even though he was quite used to the first two.

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