The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 7

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I woke up to the sound of and alarm clock. I slammed my hand on the off button. Dammit I have to get ready for school. Then I sat up I remembered all that had happened. I wasn't in the real world anymore. I was a slave. To a vampire the prince of them. Wow didn't I just have the best luck.

I looked to the door of my room and saw a square piece of paper. I stood up and tore the note of the door. It said: Dear Fawn you are to be ready before 7 o' clock. Your work clothes are hanging on the outside of my bathroom door. You may use the bathroom make sure that the time for your shower is less than ten minutes. Make me breakfast place it on the bedside table and then wake me up at 7:45. If all things are not done there will be punishment. Do not be even a second late. -Prince Damon Hale.

I took a deep breath ready for my first day. I walked out of my room quietly so not to wake the prince. I saw my dress hanging from the door next to my room. It looked like a whorish Halloween costume with 6 inch heels. This is impractical for anyone to do anything in it.


Dress here------------------->


I sighed. I noticed that there were underwear along with the clothes. And they were the right size. That is really creepy. I walked in and turned on the shower. The water was hot just the way I like it. I stepped in and felt the water cascade down my body. I went to grab shampoo for my hair and remembered what Bianca said. Cherry shampoo. That was the worst smell every time I even see the word cherry I feel sick it's just so gross.

I finished and turned off the water. I grabbed a towel hanging on the rack and dried myself. I put it back on the rack and began to get dressed. I put one my last shoe and stood. This thing was so slutty it barely made it to mid-thigh.

I crept out of the room and looked for the stairs. I remembered that the kitchen was on the first floor when I was trying to escape. Stupid heels made me trip almost every step. I eventually made it down stairs with minimal en

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