Twin Direction

Chapter Fourteen


To my readers; Bailey is TrinaaElizabeth (Katrina). Sasha is Fletch_This (Courtney). Madelyn is Directionlover123 (Sammie). LA is DaydreamZzz67 (Akiko). My friends are in this because when I first started it, it was just a story for us. But then the whole twin thing blossomed and bam, Twin Direction her we go! Anyways, read Only Love!

“I WANT TO RIDE A HORSEY!” Harry shouts, dancing around weirdly. Louis joined in and soon everyone in the room was doing it. This consisted of Bailey, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn.

“No.” I groaned, eating my granola bar. I would usually take them up on this because I loved teaching people how to ride and I loved riding. But, Holla and Niall are out in the barn.

“Yes.” Bai argues, giving me a stern look. She puts her hands on her hips and I sigh, rolling my eyes. What a drama queen.

“Let’s go.” I growl, giving them all looks.

“YAY!” Lou screams, fist pumping the air.

“Calm your cute ass down.” I laugh, poking the boy. He smirks and I roll my eyes yet again.

“Mason’s coming over.” Bai looks up from her phone and I nod. We had grown close in the last couple of days. The boy’s tour had been cancelled. Zayn had lied and said he didn’t have a voice anymore. What a weirdo. He told us that he didn’t feel good and his throat is scratchy so no reason to test it. We all know it’s because he likes LA and can’t spend that long away from her when they’re relationship just started.

“When?” Liam asks, looking over Bailey’s shoulder. I don’t think he really likes Mason. Oh well.

“He will be here soon.” Bai answers, looking at Harry who is messing with Louis. Harry and Bailey had hooked up and are now officially dating. They so cute together! Madelyn had hooked up with Liam, ADORABLE! And Zayn and LA are still being dumb.

“Do you still hate Holla and Niall?” Zayn pipes in and I nod. I had kicked Niall out of my bedroom so now Harry and Niall sleep in Holla’s room. Liam and I sleep in the same bed but we are so close we don’t think anything about it.

“Are you ever going to forgive them?” Liam mumbles, looking at his phone.

“Nope.” I laugh, popping the ‘p’. We come into the barn and hear laughing. I know its Niall and Holla, so I ignore it. We go to the tack room and grab some halters so we can get the horses. The boys all had developed their favorite horses, even when some of the horses didn’t like them at first.

            Zayn and Elway were best buddies now. So were Mocha and Liam. Mango and Louis got along, just fought a couple times. Harry had become extremely close to Abby which was so cute! They all got their own horses while I got Chi, a new horse. Bai went off and got Chancey, an older Thoroughbred.

“Hey.” A deep voice whispers in my ear and I shiver. Turning around, I face Mason. He kisses my forehead and hugs me close. We stand like that for a while until a horse kicks the stall nearby. “I brought Ty.”

Ty’s Mason’s favorite barrel racing horse. “Great, we are short on horses today. Tons of lessons going on.”

“Oh fun!” Mason laughs with fake enthusiasm.

“I know right?” I giggle, grabbing Chi and cross tying her in the hall. Chi’s a huge Arabian, I hate Arabians. They are just way too preppy, I guess.

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