Nunu nunu...

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Three years had passed and and bob and Thomas were still together.
They lived on the broken down bit On the railway.
For a while they were thinking about having a baby.
But obviously they couldn't so what they did is they went to nunu..

Nunu lived in the country side with the teletubbies
It was a nice place until the sun came up...
the sun was something else

"Hey nunuunununununununU" Thompas said
"Dont call me nununununununununununununununununununununuununununu" it said (nunus gender is unknown)
"Sorry" tom replied, "but we need a baby"
"Aaaahhhhh, finally i knew after three years youd finally come to me for a baby" nunu wanked while he said this, with his long ass trunk.
Nununununununununu went behind his toilet and wanked alot, it was a daily thing for him now.
"So about the baby?" Bob asked.
"Ahhh yes"
Nunu went behind the toilet and make and orgasm like sound.
"Ummmmm" thomas said, "what the FUCK is he doing"
"Its how babies are made for men" bob CALMY said
"How the fuck do u know that"
Nunu came back from behind the toilet and came back with their baby. It looked like this......

"ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL" Bob screamed"ITS GLORIOUS" Thomas gasped, "what are we going to name him""How about fanny?" Bob suggested

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"ITS GLORIOUS" Thomas gasped, "what are we going to name him"
"How about fanny?" Bob suggested.
Nunu is the best wanker ever

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