Chapter 3

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Hunters pov
"Care to explain" he shrugs and walks away I scoff before pushing the front door open and grabbing my phone from my pocket "Hey Archikins" "Hey Hunter what's up"

I take a deep breath fighting my tears and heavy breathing "Archie....Jughead his doing it again" he sighs "Hunter I'm so sorry, I really am" i smile even though he can't see me "what do I do?"

"Honestly....I don't know" I sigh in frustration "thanks anyway Archie I have to go" I hang up our call and slip my phone in my pocket before swinging my leg over the motorbike I pick up the helmet and decide not to wear it, I throw it to the side and speed of towards the Whyte worm.

I strut into the serpent hideout and immediately heads turn towards me "where's tallboy?" I ask and immediately all hands point towards FP's old office I sigh deeply before walking over there and pushing the door open "Tall boy?" His perks up as he looks at me "ah hello young Jones, what gives you the pleasure to join me here tonight?" I take a deep breath.

"I want to join the serpents" he chuckles before looking up to me "oh your can do kiddo your old man would kill me" i chuckle angrily "why because of the serpent dance?" I scoff "why can't I do the version guys do....I can handle it!"

Tallboy pushes his lips together and clenches his fists "Look! You can try ONCE! But your dad must not know about this" I offer him my hand "it's a deal" I turn around and flip my hair over my shoulder before strutting out. "Damn mami" a voice rings through my ears as I turn around slowly.

"Who the fuck do you think you are" he smirks before slapping my butt "your boyfriend" i chuckle " I don't need one...but thanks" I spit sarcastically I try to walk away but he pulls me back by my arm "I wasn't asking" I swing my head back and head butt him before elbowing him in the sides.

"I said No got it?" I say as I watch him drop to the floor I look around as I walk towards my bike not wanting it to occur again "HEY WAIT UP" I groan and stomp my foot on the floor as someone else stops me I swing around and kick the person in the knee.

My eyes widen as I notice the serpent helping my idiotic twin brother lying on the floor, I drop to my knees "Are you ok!? I'm so sorry" he chuckles before looking me in the eyes " I'm fine...I just wanted to's not like I was going to rape your or anything" he jokes.

I roll my eyes and stand up dusting myself off and helping him up "I'm sweet pea" he says with a smile, I blush as I watch his eyes light up with sparkles as if he was finally happy "I'm hunter"

He chuckles "everyone knows who you are, FP Jones rebellious teenage daughter. Twin sister to Jughead Jones III" I tilt my head back as I laugh loudly "well since you know everything about me, we can meet up and you can't tell me some stuff about yourself" I offer he nods with a smile that reached his ears "gladly"

I offer my hand "give me your phone" I take it out of his hand and add my number before saving myself under Hunter😝 he chuckles before doing the same sweets🍭. "I'll text you soon" I tell him before slipping my phone in my back pocket and sitting on my motorbike.

"Oh and hunter be careful" he almost pleads a hint of worry in his eyes causing me to smirk and wink at him.

"I always am....sweets"

Hello guys this is my 3rd chapter I honestly have no idea I haven't been keeping up. I know these haven't been in episode order I'm just not into that I wanted to give this a book a bit of my taste and not the producers. No offence.

Of course there will be some of the episode in there just maybe not a whole lot if you know what I mean.

Xoxo Molly💋

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