Chapter 36 - And I Sure As Hell Meant All Of It

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“1-2-3! Winner!” Jaime yelled cheerfully as I held down Taylor.

“Say mercy.” I said, as Taylor fought against me.

“Never!” He had to fight to get the words out.

“How did rock-paper-scissors get turned into a full on wrestling match?” Mike asked

“Say it!” I yelled as I put more pressure on my friend.

“Never!” He yelled back.

“SAY it!”


“I won’t let off until you say it!”

“Not gonna say it!”

I put a bit more pressure on him and he yelled.


I jumped to my feet and threw my hands in the air as I cheered

“Kicked your ass!” I said happily.

Taylor rubbed his chest lightly and said,

“When the hell did you get so strong?”

I just grinned at him.

“It’s a secret.” I said smiling

“I doubt you’re that strong.” Tony said

“Are you challenging me?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest and looking at him.

“You know what? Yeah, I am!”

“Arm wrestle. Right now.” I said

“You’re on!” Tony said, smirking.

We laid down on our stomachs on the ground and set up for an arm wrestle.

Vic and Mike were on either side of us, judging.

I put my right hand in Tony’s and Taylor counted us down.

“3-2-1… Go!”

So we went.

He fought against me for quite some time before I finally beat him.

“Holy crap...” he said breathlessly, afterwards.

“I told you.” Taylor said as I flopped onto my stomach.

“How’d you get so strong?” Colten asked, integrating me.

“I’ve always been this strong. I don’t know. It’s not like I actually work out, I mean, I do a little bit but not enough to actually gain anything from it.” I shrugged.

“Teach me your ways! Josh makes me feel so small!” Colten said above me.

I rolled onto my back and said,

“Compared to Josh, you are small.” I said.

“Everyone’s small compared to Josh.” Taylor said.

“Not Ty and Sam.”

“They’re both really tall though.”

I laughed and said,

“yeah. Has anyone emailed Bryan about that tour?”

“Oh crap! We should do that. Here, I’ll do it right now.” Taylor said pulling out his phone.

He typed away for a while as I stared up at the sky, sort of listening but not really to what Colten and the PTV boys were saying.

“Okay, how does this sound; hey Bryan, sorry we took so long to get back to you about The Bryan Stars Tour. We’d love to tour with you. Just a heads up, we don’t have a tour manager or anything. Chances are we can find someone though. Just give us some details about the tour and we’re down!” Taylor read out.

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