Chapter Fourteen





The music from the radio was low and I couldn’t help but notice that it was some rock music I had never heard before. I was never into rock that much; mostly country and the general female pop music just like any girl. I sat silently in my seat and for the first couple of minutes, I had tried my best to mask the wimpy cries that were coming from my mouth but when Tuck had glanced over a couple of times looking at me like I was a complete idiot, I did my best to suck it up. He had pretty much showed himself off as one of those guys that didn’t really care about others feelings because when everything happened with Austin, he said, “Just suck it up; there are plenty of guys out there that will be assholes. You’re lucky you have me for the rest of the night.”

The problem was, I didn’t want Tuck. He seemed weird, in a freaky stalkers kind of way. At the party, every time I looked up, he’d give me some odd, intense look. Honestly, after everything that had happened tonight, I only wanted to go crawl up in my bed and sleep until Austin left for good. And the worst part about it was I really had no reason to be upset. He told me from the beginning that it was only sex. I should have known that people can’t be changed. Austin sure wasn’t going to change because he liked his life style.

After a few moments, we were coming up on my turn and I was happy. Being home always made me feel better. However, Tuck kept driving instead of turning into my drive way. I glanced over to see him smirking noticeably.

“You just missed my turn.” I murmured, as I nervously resituated myself in my seat. Though, Tuck didn’t seem to care. He didn’t press the breaks to make a U-turn back to my house, nor did he slow down any.

“I know, I thought we could ride some back roads before I took you home.”

The smile on his face was almost unnerving. Chills ran across my body and I went back to staring out the window. “It’s getting late. I would really like to just go home.”

Tuck’s low chuckle filled the car and he shook his head. “Come on, babe. Lighten up.” Those were the only words he said as he took a turn off the main highway onto a gravel road just five miles past my house. I couldn’t help but notice it was so dark that I could hardly see a thing but I did know that we were on our land. He drove for what seemed like three miles and then stopped at the edge of a field and turned the car all the way off. We weren’t far from the farm but I still didn’t feel too safe alone with a man I didn’t know. The silence that quickly filled the car was suffocating and I was starting to wish I had stayed with Austin even though he had screwed Madison. At least he didn’t freak me out like Tuck did.

“W-why did we stop?” I asked, as my voice notably shook with uncertainty. He turned towards me slightly and leaned close. His eyes seemed so dark that it was unsettling. What had I gotten myself into? What did he think I was going to do?

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