chapter 5

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Rosie pov:-

"Wh.. what"

"Yes, over here", he whispered as his fingers touched the area between my neck and shoulder, his other arm went around my waist pulling me closer till we were chest to chest, my breath hitched as his fingers went down tracing my exposed skin just above my bosoms, I shivered at our close approximate, just before he could say something we were interrupted again by a knock on the door.


After we were interrupted by the same guard, my dear husband thought it was wise to go to our ceremony. I'm still shocked by the 'bitting' thing, I have heard many stories about werewolf from my village but never heard about their wedding or culture. Once there was girl from next village who was in love with a werewolf who claimed she was his mate. She created a big uproar in the village by running away with her werewolf lover.  she was found pregnant and with a huge bite mark on her neck, later she was sent back to werewolf kingdom by our king, nobody knows what happened to her later.

I never saw how the bite mark on her neck was but by the rumors I understood it was painfully bad. I stopped in my tracks stopping my husband who was walking with me holding my hand. I didn't see him as I was busy staring at the front. My eyes widened at the sight before me.

Before me stood a army of werewolves in their wolf form staring at the wooden stage before them. Sensing our presence every head turned towards us, the wolves standing on the stage started howling raising their head towards the full moon. Every wolves started howling raising their head.

My husband resumed walking towards the wooden stage dragging me behind him. I then realized all the wolves were welcoming us by howling, maybe a tradition. Two of maid came in their human form towards as we reached the stage.

One of them took off the robe that my husband was wearing and applied some kind of cream which was yellow in colour on his bare chest. I may not love him but he was still my husband, seeing the maid touching his bare chest, jealously surged inside me.

My husband left my hand and walked to the center of the stage leaving me down here. Two maids came and stood beside me holding both of my hands. My husband stood before the wolves and raised his hand stopping all the howling. My eyes widened as one of the wolves changed into human form standing all naked, soon every person on the stage changed into human form, I averted my gaze not wanting to see their nakedness and focused on my husband.

"Today, we have gathered here to witness the wedding of our king Alpha with his human mate, our soon to be Queen luna", one person from the shouted to the crowd whom I assumed one of the elders, soon the howling started again.

"Its time, luna", the maids standing next to me pushes me on to the stage. I walk towards my husband who held his hand towards me. The howling sound increases as I near my husband, I hold his outstretched hand he pulls me closer to him.

"LET THE CEREMONY BEGINS", the person shouted to the crowd again.

A priest came towards us with a knife which my husband bought from the chamber. The priest stood before us, a set of introduction was done and we said our vows again.

"Do you, King Alpha Edward Xavier knight take Rosie woodson as your mate, as your luna, for the rest of your life", the priest asked taking my husband hand in his.

"I do", the priest took the knife and sliced my husband's palm, the priest turned towards me asking for my hand, I hesitated but gave in.

"Do you, Rosie woodson take The King Alpha Edward knight as your mate, as your Alpha, for the rest of your life"

"I do", I screamed as the priest sliced my palm and joined my palm with my husband's to mix our blood as one.

"With the power given to me, In the presence of moon goddess, I now pronounce you as man and wife, you may kiss your bride", as soon he said 'kiss' my head snapped towards my smirking husband, who in return pilled me closer and kissed me. Behind us the howling started again but louder than before.

After sometime, I was sent back to the bed chamber with two other maids, as for my husband he went for hunting with other wolves, I didn't get to see his wolf form though.

Now here I was sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a filmsy nightdress which leaves nothing to imagination, waiting for my husband to come. Im not still comfortable about consummating our marriage because he is still a stranger to me, I have never had any lovers in my past or had time to think about one.

Door opening sound bought me back from my thoughts, inside came my husband, almighty as he is, he was sweating and naked, I screeched closing my eyes with both of my hands not wanting to see his nakedness. I peaked a little through my fingers hearing his loud laughter to see him making his way towards me,I shut my eyes tightly. His laughter is rich and melodic, a smile graces my lips without knowing hearing his laugh

"Draw a bath for me, will you", he asked removing my hands from my face, I blushed more seeing his face, I nodded and rushed towards the bathing chambers without turning back but still I could hear his melodic laugh behind.

After arranging the necessary items I went outside to call him, before I could go out he stride inside still naked, I made a move to go out but he held my hand stopping me.

"Bath me", he said but it was more like a order, I looked down at the floor blushing, bit my lip to stop smiling like a fool, I nodded in no shyly. He turned me around and pulled me flush against his chest as my back was pressed against his chest, his both hands wrapped around just below my bosoms pressing me more against him.

I blushed red feeling his every muscle pressed against my back, his body was warm sending electric shocks all over my body.

"Can I know why not, my dear rose", he whispered in my ear bitting my earlobe lightly, I gasped at the contact of his lips as he started kissing and nibbling on my neck.

"Be.. because I know where th..this will end an..and I'm not re.. ready for", I mentally face palmed at my strutting, he suddenly stopped kissing my neck and pushed me to the wall trapping me between him and the wall.

"Where will it end my wife, I only told about bathing me", he teased me in his husky voice his lips barely touching mine. I opened and closed my mouth couple of times but no words came out.

"Well, the question needs to be answered, my wife"


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