To those still interested

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Hello, I can imagine your ire with me and I apologise for my absence. I won't give you half assed excuses about it. I just didn't want to write and so I didn't. That's thankfully changed. I'm not dead set on a schedule but I will be updating semi-regularly but don't come to expect anything. A new chapter will be uploaded when it is deemed ready. I'm sorry to let you down but it's how it will be. I do feel like a bit of an ass but yeah. First I'll be rewriting this and then trying to finish it. Rewriting and editing will take a few days max and then I'll focus my attention on making new content about this. It will change fairly drastically, Naruto was too overpowered and the relationships moved too fast and were unrealistic. I know that this is fanfiction and it can be as unrealistic as I wish to write, but it does bother me.  In such a case you have any questions or things to say please say them. I thank you for your time and the loyalty you show.


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