The Seed of Men

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Spoiler Alert!!!!: Something new will be revealed about Renier in this chapter.


*Ren's POV*

I was still tied down, in an uncomfortable position and an even more uncomfortable situation, since Grace was still trying to seduce me. She is on top of me, grinding her lower half against my more limp and less eager area. Maybe if I wasn't bound and restricted I may be able to be more enthused about having someone sexually force themselves on me. Probably not. The succubus had tried everything to seduce me. She had even brought out the knives, lacerating my chest, arms, and legs, in an attempt to arouse me in the least. No matte how much I enjoyed the pain that accompanied the deep, jagged, and now bleeding cuts, I never hardened. I know she expects for her power to increase because of me but I highly doubt this is the way to do it. Maybe she should wait until I am asleep. I read that in a book before, that the succubus wait until a man is asleep to bed him, then kill him. Succubi are supposed to be enchanting and extremely seductive, yet Grace is neither, at least according to sleeping sex organ.

Giving up her futile attempts, Grace crawled off my naked form. She was rigid with frustration as she stared down at me, her eyes analyzing me, cold and calculating. "You swing for the same team," she stated with her eyebrow arched upward.

"What?! No, I do not."

"You don't? Then please tell me why you aren't erect? Why I was tugging on limp noodle?" Grace spat, her frustration now not just with the situation but with me as well.

"I don't know. I'm just not into it. I'm not into you." I glanced around the room, "and maybe the setting isn't very romantic either."

"You're a man. You don't need romanticism to have a good fuck. You just need a body. My body is the wrong body. You want one similar to your own," her words were so matter-of-fact. She genuinely believed I wanted to bed a man. I attempted to deny her statement but before I could finish she cut my words off. "You don't fool me, young Renier. You can fool yourself but you don't fool me." With that, she left the room.

When she was gone, I let out a disgruntled sigh. This turned out being a lot harder than I thought it would be. My body just is not responsive to her.

As fast as she left, she had returned. Except this time, Grace wasn't alone. Next to her stood a young man. He was tall with bronzed skin, light brown eyes, and a mass of black hair atop his head. He had a strongly defined nose, a stubborn chin, and toned muscles stretched across his body, flexing as he shifted uncomfortably, peering at my nude form stretched atop the stone structure. "Renier, this is Ronan." Ronan appears to be drained, maybe mildly drugged, as if he were operating on autopilot. "Ronan is going to help both of us reach our goal, today."

"What do you mean? What are you doing?" I asked, my voice shaky as the words leave my mouth.

"You get what you want, which is him," Grace nodded in the direction of Ronan. "I get what I want. This is how mutualism works." She isn't really going to go through with this, is she? I opened my mouth to objet, but before the words could be formed, Grace spoke again, interrupting my attempt. "Now, you two have fun and don't mind me."

At Graces command Ronan began to glide towards me. I tried to resist, yet there was only so far I could pull away from the bronzed man before my restraints kept me from moving further. I would try to fight, but my arms were bound above my head. This can't be happening. Ronan's moves were graceful as he perched beside me and began to lightly kiss my chest, his tongue rolling over my nipple, before he nibbled the flesh below. My entire body tensed as what felt like electrical circuits tingled it's way to my groin. The tensity just grew as Ronan's mouth created a path down my upper body, where his tongue traced the outside of my navel as he started sliding a hand up my thigh, teasing me by getting just close enough to my area for me to crave contact, but never close enough to satisfy my desires.

This was all everything Grace had done, in attempts to seduce me, yet I hadn't reacted, and now I am a bundle of desire as Ronan played and teased my body.

My breathing started to become labored as I tried to arch closer to Ronan against the restraints, in attempts to obtain the much desired contact. Ronan kissed, licked, and nibbled a path back up the front of my body where he stopped at my neck and nibbled on the location where my heart was thumping rapidly. "Hmm, you like that," Ronan whispered in between nips and kisses, right before he grasped my throbbing extremity, generating a chocked gasp from meas the tension inside just grew more. I stifled moans and tried to control my breathe as he worked my organ with expert precision in his hand, occasionally bringing his mouth over my head, letting his tongue trace around and play with my sensitive tip.

I was squirming with need when took his hand and mouth away from my sensitive rod, but to my surprise he wasn't finished with me. Ronan hoisted himself over the edge of the structure I am tied to and straddled my waist. His cheeks were probably just as flushed as mine and just as breathless. I strained to look down and realize he was as stricken with desire as I was. Through the entire encounter, I struggled to maintain self control, but any remnant that may have remained shattered when Ronan reached behind him, firmly grasped my shaft, and positioned himself over it. A moan forcefully exited my parted lips as I slide inside Ronan's tight sheath. I bucked underneath him, trying to get the much desired friction, yet the results were disappointing due to my bonds. Ronan winced as he began to guide himself up and down my shaft, squeezing every now and then, milking me.

The interaction soon became more labored and desperate as we worked towards our climax. As the tension continued to grow deep within us, we allowed our carnal desire to guide us, as I moved my hips into Ronan as I much as I could, given my limited mobility, and Ronan continued to ride me, his movements become faster. Our breaths came out weak, scattered, and inconsistent, as our interaction increased with desperation, moans coming from the both of us as the extreme pleasure overwhelmed us.

"Oh shit, Ronan. I'm so close," I announced, breathless. Upon those words, the bronzed beauty stopped his ride, and crawled off my lap, leaving my extremity throbbing in a pleasure-pain, wanting to be touched. "Please, don't stop," I said.

Ronan peered down at me with a smile and gripped my shaft, moving his fist up and down, failing to mimic the feeling of being inside of him, as he leaned down and left a kiss on my forehead. Being sheathed by Ronan's hand wasn't even close the equivalent of being sheathed inside his tightness, but it still felt wonderful as he worked his hand up and down. I pulled against my restraints as my whole body tensed and I released my seed, my head pounding as I experienced my first earth shattering orgasm.

Grace was right next to Ronan, when I climaxed and before I realized what was happening, she took me into her mouth and swallowed all the seed that had exited me as Ronan kept working my organ, until I was empty.

"What the hell, Grace?" I let out a cry, as I tried to jerk away, meeting only my restraints. I had forgotten she was in the room with us.

Grace smiled, wiping her mouth clean. "You get what you want," she nodded in Ronan's direction, who was dressing himself in the corner of the room. "I get what I want. Your seed strengthens my kind, makes us more powerful, but it must enter us." I sighed and looked at Ronan who had dressed in record time. Grace caught me watching him and said, "He is quite amazing, isn't he? Now come, Ronan, your work here is done, until next time."

The succubus winked at me as she left the chamber, followed by the tan young man who didn't look at me until he cast an apologetic glance at the door, then ducked out. I can't believe that just happened.

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