To Find Whom I Don't Know

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*Reyes's POV*

Renier has been gone for five days now. No one has heard from him, seen him, and no clues have been offered indicating his whereabouts. At first all efforts to find him were passive, everyone assuming Renier would return home sooner rather than later, but with his disappearance and uncharacteristic behavioTr- like I would know- has everyone rigid with concern. If he isn't in danger himself, he could be threatening the lives of others. Both option both undesirable but must be considered. There is no telling where he could be or what he could be doing.

Lucien and I had agreed to increase our search efforts and bring Renier home. It is just a matter of time before I will be reunited with some, no matter the condition he is in when we are. I will stand by his side and help him through these changes that are much more dramatic than puberty normal adolescents endure.

I am standing at Torin's bedroom door, with Lucien by my side, waiting for the Keeper of Disease on the other side to answer our knocks. We figured it was safe to intrude since Keeley had left the fortress and we knew they would not be fulfilling their sexual desires. We waited for what felt like an eternity but ended up only being a couple seconds until my impatience outweighed my patience and I hit my fist against his door once more, right before it slid open and I stood face to face with the large warrior with green eyes and long white hair.

"Hello, my friend," Torin acknowledged, "It is nice to see you again. I knew you had arrived but I have been sort of busy with Keeley."

I put my hand up to dismiss his apology, "It is alright. I completely understand." And did I. Even with my son missing I had made time to love Danika and bed her in ways that I had denied myself previously. It felt wonderful to be with my woman again and it had been so long since I had inhabited the same residency as her that I forgot how refreshing it was to have your other half to confide in.

Pleasantries over, and Lucien interjected in our short conversation. "Torin, we need your help with something."

"Yes, well come on in to my Headquarters, where all wonders happen. On the computer and in bed," he stated, with a wink. "What can I do for you?"

Lucien looked at me to share and I had to clear my throat before I began. "Renier is missing."

Torin nodded, "I knew that. Are you wanting me to deploy my amazingly developed technology skills to try to find him?" Torin is a wizard when it comes to computers.

"Yeah, pretty much. We were wondering if you could get into the surveillance feed of the club and see if you can find any clue as to where he is or who he may be with? What happened to him?"

The Keeper of Disease contemplated a good minute before asking, "The club? You mean the bleeder den called Spades, right?" When I didn't respond, curious about he came about this information he answered my unspoken question. "I run all the surveillance here. Even when I'm not with you, I am most likely watching, unless preoccupied with Keeley. You've been away awhile if you forgot that."

"Uh, yeah, the bleeder den," I replied, the words struggling to leave my mouth. The knowledge that my son was in a breeder den still leaves me in disbelief.

"Here's the problem, the bleeder den most likely does not have video surveillance like you are thinking. A lot of illegal activities go on in there and if they were to ever be investigated, by anyone, there could be a serious and devastating backlash. So that route is a no-go." Torin let the bad news hang in there before he spoke again. "However, I can access the surveillance feed of the surrounding areas and buildings and see if anything there can help. If there is surveillance feed and he isn't in any of it, he is most likely still inside Spades somewhere. And lastly, as for starting a search, until I can find more information, that is where I would start."

"Thanks Torin," I said, feeling relief. "I really appreciate what you are doing for me."

"And I thought this task Lucien first told me about would be harder," Torin snorted. "Oh, and don't thank me. Ren is just as much my family as he is yours and I want him home. I was going to start investigating even if you didn't ask. It would devastate my daughter, Talon, if anything happened to him. They are good friends, just haven't spoke much recently while she's away in Switzerland for some weird 'trip of a lifetime,' as she called it. All of our kids would be negatively impacted if Ren would to be gone." I looked down at my feet, partially worried and partially ashamed. Torin, who is isolated in his bedroom most of the time, knows more about my own son than I do. Sensing my distress, Torin placed a gloved hand on my knee and said, "Ren is a very good kid. Wherever he is and whatever he is doing, he will come out of it. Don't let this impair your image of him. His heart is pure."

And with that being said, Lucien and I left Torin's chambers. On the way out I seen a picture of his daughter, Talon. She was the female incarnate of the warrior, a striking beauty.

Lucien and I would gather the other warriors who were not already preoccupied and wanting some fun to scope out Spades while Torin hacked into the surveillance feed. We were going to bring Renier home.

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