Fluff story 1/2

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A/N: Enjoy my fluffles. Yes, you are my fluffles, deal with it.

(3rd person POV)

(Y/N) slowly opened her eyes when she felt a cold breeze, wisp past her making her shiver slightly. Looking around she cursed to herself, once again she fell asleep on top of the Kazekage building, standing up and brushing the dust that gathered on her, she yawned while she blinked he sleepiness from her eyes to try to tell what time it was from the suns position in the sky... had it actually been in the sky... 'crap' she thought. She slept through the entire evening, and she were supposed to report back to the Kazekage about a mission you went on this afternoon. Locate and Assassinate a missing nin that was hanging around to close to Suna.

Getting up, (Y/N) started shivering as she walked back down to lord Kazekages office, hopefully he wouldn't be too mad at her for not coming back in right away. But still he didn't seem like the type to get angry at things like this, not like his father...
Another cold breeze shot past (Y/N) completely stopping her train of thought, and making her curse at the goddamn cold again, while she walked into the building, and moved swiftly through the halls.
For a place that was always so hot in the day, the evening in Suna could get so cold, that made her bundle up in a lot of blankets when she slept at her house at night. Although she could have probably turned up the heat in her house, but getting large heating bills again wasn't something she wanted to face again. Especially since she was living by herself, although there was always a lovers warmth she could try. Stopping in front of the Kazekages office front doors she shook her head, that was ridiculous. She didn't have anyone in mind she take as her lover, and (Y/N) wasn't the type to go into relationships. They seemed so...trivial to her.

(Gaara's POV)

Hearing a knock on the door, I called out for whoever was there to come in as I finished the last of my paperwork for that day. As I heard the door open, I tore my gaze away from the work and watched (F/N) (L/N) walk in. A little irritated I watched her walk as if she wasn't late for her report.

"(L/N)" I stated.

"Lord Kazekage" she said respectfully while bowing lightly.

"I was expecting you to-" I started but she cut me off. She always had a habit of cutting me off.

"Yes, I'm aware, and I apologize lord Kazekage. I went to the roof to take a nap for about ten minutes but those ten minutes turned into hours, I haven't had the chance to get a lot of sleep lately. So I'm very tired. I'm sorry, I can report the mission right now if you'd like" she stated, looking at me but not completely at me. It was like she wasn't trying to make eye contact, I've seen her do this with my father before. Growing up, in fact if I remember correctly she isn't that much older a year at least, but was always a rank higher than me. Though I'm pretty sure, she isn't from Suna.

"You Fell asleep on the roof?" I asked looking at her confused.

Coughing in her hand, she nodded "yes, I usually sit on the roof if I want to look over the village in peace, but sometimes I sit up there for so long I end up falling asleep".

'Odd' I thought, "alright, you might as well report your mission now that you're here" I stated, waiting for her to start.

Time-skip 1 hour~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Y/N) POV)

You walked home from the Kazekages building, lightly humming to yourself. You decided to stay and watch the evening night darken, and the stars light up the night sky. After you finished your report, thinking back to that thought you had before. Having a lover. You knew some guys you wouldn't mind seeing, some of them were actually really attractive. Though not that's to say you don't think anyone isn't attractive. You did swing both ways, although no one needed to know about that.
Blushing lightly you shook your head and walked faster, barely even half way to your house. It would've been easier if you actually lived closer to your work place but you enjoyed to long walks you had to get there and back.

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