My Wild and Raunchy Son 4

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*DISCLAIMER* this is a very very rough version of this. I am in no way affiliated with josman or this series. I just wanted to add on to this amazing and kinky series. Enjoy!
My Wild And Raunchy Son Part 4.
Hey! Welcome back! So this is where everything gets a little crazy.
As I was driving away from my new life I felt a breath of fresh air driving back to my old one. Not really sure why considering that life has some of my most fucked up (and hottest) memories. It's been more than 5 years since I was in my old town, so I had to do some sightseeing, ya know? Really that was just an excuse to put off seeing my brother. Let's be honest, I may be a strong and muscle filled guy, but I am so sensitive and weak on the inside. I'm more terrified than ever. There was a gay bar in town but for some reason just being back where I had this hidden side of me, even thinking the word "gay" made me paranoid. After a long 6 hour drive, Justin must have been home from school so as my last excuse to put off "visiting" Mike I called him.
*brrrriinnggg* "Hey dad! Already missing you, what's up?" Justin said, god that boys voice made all my problems disappear.
"Oh, we'll I just arrived at the business meeting so I wanted to make sure you were ok". I said, still shaking
"I'm doing good, but I miss you so much. I can't wait to play with your bubble butt big guy!" Justin whispered.
"We'll you'll have to wait son, love you" that boy almost made me cum right then and there.
"Aww, well can't wait to see you. Bye dad".
Alright, I think I can finally go see mike. As I headed down my street my stomach started to pound intensely. My body was shaking and my heart was pounding. I pulled in the driveway to a terrifyingly familiar scene. Mike was yelling with his wife and I saw him angrily punch everything in sight and slam the door shut, getting in his car and driving off. I knew what I came here for, and I'm not gonna lose track of it. I blasted out of the driveway in a chase. Chasing my big brother. Eventually he stopped at a motel. But he never got out of the car. He was crying. I never in my whole life saw him cry. He's the strongest person I know, this was a little far fetched. I decided if he's not gonna get out of his car then I will. It was pouring rain so I grabbed my hoodie and bolted out of my car to the passenger side of his car. I opened it and shockingly, he didn't notice. He did until I said "um, hello mike."
His head completely jerked and his tears went from drenching the car to lightly dripping.
"OH MY GOD! JACK!" He said in a depressed, yet excited voice.
He came in for a big hug, oh I haven't forgot what his big arms felt like. I felt back at home with Justin.
"So what brings you here?" Mike said wiping tears off his face"
"I should ask you the same." I said
"Well, I , I have no other way to say this but, Cynthia was cheating on me. And now she's pregnant with that low life losers child"
"Oh my god mike! I am so sorry!" I said. Poor guy, mike is such a great guy. He never deserved this.
"Look, I know this is a lot to ask but do you have a place where I can stay? Cynthia doesn't want me in her life anymore and this motel literally has plastic wrap for windows." Mike whimpered, he made a selfish question an offer I can't refuse.
"Of course mike! We could go right now and get there before midnight." I said in an excited voice, "don't you want to grab your stuff?".
"Hell no! I never want to see that devil of a woman again!" He said still with tears going down his face.
"Well let's hurry, I'll drive my car and you follow me." I said not having a care in the world.
*6 hours later*
We were almost at my house and my excitement grew. Now I can provide for my big brother and see what antic we get ourselves in. I literally didn't have one single thought going through my mind except for mikes hairy chest and big dick. I got a call on my phone.
"Hello?" I said
"Hey big guy! I see your on your way home!" Justin said.
JUSTIN, OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK! I FORGOT ABOUT JUSTIN! All of my happiness and zen just went out the car window! How am I gonna explain this to justin without making mike relive hell??
"Umm, yeah I'm almost home, just be in the living room, I have something to tell you" I said nervously.
"Oh boy do I do too!" Justin said.
I pulled up into my driveway and mike followed right behind. As we both walked to the front door, I wiggled my keys in and opened the door. I let mike in first and when I walked in all mike and I could see was Justin naked propped up in leather waiting for me. He turned around and saw mike there and instantly grabbed a blanket and covered up his rock hard penis.

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