2nd part to last chapter

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We arrived back to the fair grounds and went to over to his bus he invited me in to the bus. to my surprise no one was in there so it was just Jason and me. I didn't mind at all. He started getting stuff packed and I asked him If he could use any help? "nope babegirl you just sit and look pretty and leave it all to me." he said smiling at me. I sat down as Jason finished what he needed then slipped in next to me. "I just love all this time we get together and when I'm with you it's like time stops and it's perfect." I said. "yes it's perfect and I wouldn't trade it for nothing." Jason said. we looked into each others eyes and the fireworks begain. he leans over and kissed me and it took my breath away. he had such amazing lips that only a guy in your dreams would have and the next thing I knew I was being picked up and carried to the bedroom. we made out and he kissed me all over doing things with his tongue that drove me insane. "Jason?" I said. he stopped kissing me. "you alright babe?" he said. "yes do you hear that?" I said he listened closely. "Is that fireworks?" he said. "Yea it is." I said. he grabs my hand and we took off outside and stood in front of his bus why they shot off the fireworks. We watched the fireworks and then we went over to the rides. we got on the Farris wheel just being there with Jason was more than amazing and I wouldn't change it for nothing. "Hope?" Jason said. "Yes babe?" I said " Hope I love you." Jason said "I love you too Jason." I said and he leans over and gave me those sweet kisses again. when the ride ended we walked around for a little while. "so I have some thing special that I want to do tonight?" Jason said I looked at him. "you do?" I said "yes and I know you will love it" he said putting his arms around me and pulling me close as we are walking. we got back to the bus and there was music playing. he put his hand out and spun me around and I landed in his arms. I listened closely to the song and laid my head on his chest and I could hear him singing. (Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts) "I love this song and what makes it better is that your singing it." I said when the song ended we shared a few more kisses. "Are you ready?" Jason asked. "When ever you are." I said "Alright let's go." he said. "You can drive if you like." I said handing Jason my keys. "I can if you want." he said "yes I don't mind." I said. Jason talked to his guys and they were going to all camp out at my house and we leave out that next day I told them they could pull around to the back. We headed to the truck and got in. I couldn't help but wander what he had in mind for us but I knew no matter what it be fun because I'd be with the man of my dreams the man I loved. We ended up by a set of tracks and we got out "In a minute or so the surprise will be coming" Jason said. I smiled at him and then we heard the train. "Night Train!" I said Jason pulled out his guitar and started singing his song 'Night Train' we sat there and I was lost in thoughts of him singing. The song ended and he moved closer to me. "Hope, you are so amazing and Beauitful." Jason said. "Awe, thanks babe." I said he leans over and kissed me. after a few hours we headed back home. I invited everyone in and everyone got ready for bed. me and Jason headed to bed. we cuddled together and made out and it lead into other stuff we made love again and then we fell asleep.

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