War of Hearts (RoyalistWriter) (1)

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War of Hearts

The Knights lit the fire to end the cold.

Their hearts were still shaking after taking part in such a bloodbath,

It was something better left untold.

They sat on the untrodden, grassy path.

Their journey from the mountains was spent in silence.

Sitting there enjoying nature and its beauty,

Hoping for someone to show benevolence,

They knew they had no choice but to do their duty.

They'd spill someone's crimson blood in the dim light of the moon.

The echo of the screams remained in their minds

As they washed their swords in a red lagoon.

They hope their atrocities fade within the winds.

The masterminds sat in their homes, ordering the knights around

Drinking clean water and all the good wine.

Thinking about these things, the knights frowned.

It was their Knightly code, that they needed to redefine.

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