AN; Hey my lovely/handsome readers! AMOTimePlayer (aka Savage) here! This is a extremely long chapter which is why it took so long to be published. Put on your seat belts (unless your one of those who don't put them on like me) and bring a flash light cause things are about to get bumpy and dark!

Ch.55 Reality Check/long chapter

Previously in Deadly Scandals

My eyes shot open instantly as my face blew up in a blue hue, as my soul skipped beats. I felt like I was frozen on the spot yet filled with adrenaline, he let go of my wrist and hugged me. Soon enough we just stood there holding each other in our arms, just silently standing while we still had the peaceful atmosphere to do so.

No words were needed, we both knew what both of us were trying to express. I knew he confessed his feelings, and realized I accidentally confessed mine; how ever I didn't regret it. How could I when I finally admitted the feelings I literally questioned? When I finally accepted him as part of my life?

We both leaned our foreheads against each other, both with our own unique blushes on our face. PJ laughed lightly causing my attention to go to him, ignoring my insecurrities of my eyes and more.

I knew he could see the spark if curiosity in my eyes, that's one of the reasons I always hid them too...they always gave me away.

"So... Guess what?" He asked and I could instantly tell he was going to bring something up.

"...What?" I asked quietly trying not to stutter.

" Remember how I said you were my little project?" He asked as I blushed a little more at the memory nodding lightly.

"Well...I think I got an A+."


I walked out of the bathroom with PJ by my side, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get rid of the blue tint on my face as PJ led me to the lunch line...holding my hand.

My head had ideas rolling through it, scaring me yet putting me at ease. One side of me was happy to have feelings for him and have them returned, but the other side was petrified at the thought of my returned feelings being the reason he gets hurt.

I wanted to pull my hand away, keep who ever is after the ones I cared about at bay. To keep their supissions low, but I also felt I needed to hold onto him.

I couldn't help but think of who it could be, eventually deciding that who ever it is who sent the was the person I thought it was.

I felt PJ's grip on my hand tighten breifly and I saw him giving me a concerned but encouraging look, once we got our trays of food we sat down at a table as I saw Savage step up to the stage.

Taking the microphone in her hand, she stood next to a boy with brown hair that was dyed teal at the tips. Clearing throat she began to speak.

"Hey everyone can you hear?" She asked over the talking crowd half of the people sarcastically yelling no, earning them a grin from the Latino.

"Oh, my bad. In that case I'll be sure to speak to you all indivudally and scream it in your ear! Now shut the hell up and listen or I'll break every bone in your body, blend them with your organs, add sugar and drinking it like a fucking milkshake!" She shouted loudly making everyone get quiet instantly as the boy next to her seemed relucent to speak.

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