...Or With You

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Auradon (Same Day)

Harry sat on the bus with the rest of his team, waiting to get out. Fairy Godmother had asked Lonnie to plan this retreat for the team to get to know each other. Harry, however didn't want to get to know anyone. He just wanted to win the game and get the girl. Luckily for him, he already has the girl.

Alistair sat at the back off the bus with his friends. He had to admit, he didn't like Harry at all. That's one thing that Alistair and Arthur share in common besides looks. But if any harm ever came to Harry, Willow would go all witch. So he kept his distance, until now.

Alistair stood up and sat himself next to Harry Hook. Harry turned his head to see Willow's estranged brother. Harry was about to tell him to go away, but Alistair beat him to it.

"Listen, I don't like you and you definitely don't like me." Alistair started. "But we have a mutual friend." Harry knew where this was going .

"Willow isn't your friend, mate." Harry commented.

"You're right, she's my sister. Twins actually, but that doesn't stop me for any reason. In fact, I should be the one hating you for getting my sister pregnant."

"Well it's not like I could take it back." Harry said with a smirk. Alistair rolled his eyes. "She wasn't your sister at that time either."

"I've heard stories about her as a kid, my dad has never cared about anyone like he does with her. Not even me, and to be honest sometimes it gets annoying. You know, it's all about her. My mom apparently never told Willow about me." Alistair explained. "Maybe it's because I don't have magic. Maybe it's because I look like my father. Maybe..." He trailed off, but quickly recovered. "Convince Willow to call Arthur 'dad'. He's really trying to get her to warm up."

"Well then tell ye pops to not be such an ass, then maybe Willow would warm up."

"My dad isn't an ass, he's a king. Kings get stressed."

"Yeah, right. He isn't an ass like I'm not a pirate. Is that his excuse for everything? Cause he's king?" Alistair didn't answer, he got up and walked away. Harry went on and looked out the window...



"What can you tell me about Alistair?" Willow asked, sipping her lemonade while Guinevere had tea. Guinevere lit up like a Christmas tree.

"He was a sweet boy, never got into fights." She praised. "He used to attend Camelot Prep with Lola and the son of Lancelot. He was quarterback and honor student."

"Basically, the perfect prince." Willow muttered. She looks back at Guinevere. "What happened?"

Guinevere sighed "He got jealous. All the attention was on you."

"Why does it always have to involve me?" Willow grunted.

"Oh don't worry, he got over it. He heard you were in Auradon so there he went. I really do hope the two of you bond. You are, after all, twins. Why don't we go for a walk before surprising your father with a visit?" Gwen suggested. Willow gave a genuine smile before standing up.


Gil and Uma had stumbled into the castle with ease. Until a new guard on the job had caught them and followed. They ran around, managing to lose the guard in the process.

"Where are we?" Gil asked looking around. Uma shrugged and kept walking. Then they heard voices, hid behind the gray brick wall as a flash of familiar red hair went pass them. The two pirates walked out, stood there watching the red head walk around with a women. Uma immediately knew it was Willow. They wanted to get her attention, but they were suddenly dragged away by the guards. Willow was out of eyesight to them.

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