1. Good Terms

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"Was this the place Jason recommended?" Turning toward me, my dearest female friend wrinkled her small nose. She was referring to my flatmate and best friend, Jason.

My jaw clenched while I studied her large and brown Bambi eyes. Her lashes were so long that they nearly touched her eyebrows with each bat. Her plump and light pink lips formed an uncertain line. In her deep red dress, she resembled a beautiful rose. Olivia Clark was a gorgeous young woman. Aside from her huge breasts, everything about her was petite and cute.

Was she displeased? I couldn't be sure.

While arching my left eyebrow at her, I dryly replied, "You specifically said you wanted a cocktail bar that solicitors frequent. This was his recommendation. And since his father established a law firm, I took his word for it. If you don't fancy it, we can always find a new place. But let's give it a chance before we make up our minds, yeah?"

I'd never met a single family member of Jason's. In fact, aside from his father's, I didn't even know their names. All I knew was that they were filthy rich, with thanks to Jason's father being the founder of Day & Night, a firm offering legal services.

Jason and I had met at University College London three years ago, though he didn't attend my course. Instead, Jason was in his fourth year studying medicine. Our encounter had been perfectly coincidental. I had found myself lost during one of my first days on campus, and Jason had sensed it when he passed by my figure in the corridor. Responding to his suspicion, he had asked me if I might need any help. Since that fateful moment, we had formed an irreplaceable, platonic friendship. These days, he was much like an elder brother to me. I'd always wanted a brother, even if I did adore my younger sister, Phoebe.

No less than a week ago, he had offered me to move in with him, since his best mate Stephen Turner had decided to move out to live with his girlfriend of three years, Giselle Hamsmith. I hadn't hesitated for even a second to accept the offer.

Returning from my thoughts, I sighed. Olivia could be quite impossible to deal with. If she didn't get her way, she transformed into a whiny brat that I couldn't be bothered to babysit. Besides, my reasons for being here were purely selfless and altruistic, but I was already beginning to suffer from a bad conscience at the constant thought of my neglected coursework. Seeing as I was a law student in my third year at UCL, such was not a matter that I took lightly. If she were going to be a pain in the arse, I'd leave her to prowl on her own. I had already warned her of said fact, so she had been surprisingly compliant today.

She brushed a lock of her angelically blonde hair behind her ear as she assessed our sumptuous surroundings again. When she returned her attention to me, a shrewd smile had claimed her mouth.

"I can see that you're worried, Cara, but please, don't be. Your sourpuss mood will ruin mine. And besides, we've worked so hard on our coursework these past two weeks, only so that we could make time for this. It's been far too long since we've had a girl's night out, and ever since I broke up with Colin, I haven't had sex! Do you realise the implications of that?"

My lips twisted with my amusement. "What, so you've had a dry-spell for three months? Poor you."

Three months without sex, I'd be going insane. I was certain. No wonder she had been so eager about this night.

She sighed and looked toward the ceiling. "Yeah, well, not everybody's got ten lads stored up, Cara." What was that supposed to mean? "I'm ready to bounce on just about anybody!"

"As long as he's got a heavy wallet, you mean?" I couldn't help myself.

She chortled at my playful remark. "Hey, you know I'm not like that. I'm just one for novelties right now, and I've never had sex with a solicitor before."

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