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We continued down the sidewalk just talking nonsense. Shortly we came upon a small park. Kids ran around playing tag, family's having picnics, and couples sitting on benches.

I caught a glimpse of the swing set out of the corner of my eye.

"Niall! C'mon let's go swing!" I practically shouted with excitement clear in my voice. Grabbing his wrist, I dragged him towards the small swing set. Laughing, he jogged to stay by my side.

"Sit down; I'll push you." He walked to the backside of the swing as I sat down on it. He started pushing the swing for me.

It stayed quiet for a couple of minutes before he cleared his throat to speak.

"Can i ask you something?" he hesitated, gripping the metal chain of the swing to make it stop. He walked to the other swing beside mine and sat down.

"Go for it." I turned my body to look at him, my eyes searching for his that were looking at the grass beneath us.

"Why did you leave so soon yesterday?" Now his eyes were focused on mine, waiting for my answer.

"I just didn't want to be a bother." I lied.

No I just don't want to fall for someone so quickly to where i don't have time to think about it. My conscience reminded me.

"Oh c'mon Victoria. It must have been something bigger than just that." He laughed shaking his head.

"It's nothing really. I just overreacted from my feelings; that's all." I sighed, kicking the dirt.

"Oh okay." He said slowly, standing up and holding his arm out for me. Standing up as well, I looped my arm around his and we began walking again.

"Why are we going through here?" I laughed as we entered the bike trail that goes through the woods behind the park.

"You'll see." An enormous grin plastered on his face.

"So you're not going to tell me, huh?"

"Nope." He said popping the 'p'.

We made small talk as we slowly walked along the trail, but I was off in my own little world just starring at the trees as they seemed to be decreasing in the amount of them. I tripped on a large crack between two parts of the concrete, causing me to tumble forward. Since I still had my arm linked with Niall's, he was forced to the ground with me.

Uncontrollable laughs escaped my mouth. Niall seems socked by the sudden movement. I unlinked my arm with his while deep chuckles are released from his mouth.

After awhile of just sitting on the ground on our knees, I stood up feeling a sharp pain to my right knee. Niall stood up as well, still laughing.

I smiled at him and then looked down at my knee. A large scrape covered across the middle of my knee. It doesn't hurt that much, but it looks horrible.

"Victoria, are you okay?" Niall said, looking from my knee and my face with concern.

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just a little scratch." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Are you sure? I can carry you the rest of the way if you'd like?" He questioned me.

"I'm not quite for sure actually. I'm afraid to walk and find out." I starred into his deep blue eyes while he starred back into mine. He starts to lean in and so do I. My breathe hitched once our noses touched, sending electricity through my body. His hands now rest on my hips and I bring mine to his shoulders.

A crowing was heard to our left. I looked over there, not being able to tear my eyes away from it. I absolutely hate birds. The only birds I don't mind are small birds, but this one wasn't small.

Niall sighed, resting his head in the crook of my neck for a few seconds before putting one arm under my knees and the other on my lower back. I let out a little screech once he swiftly picked me up in his arms, walking farther down the sidewalk.

"Niall, put me down." I command, squirming in his arms.

"Never." He said, smiling at me.

He walked out into the open street sidewalk that I recognized as Canal Street, the street the café is on.

He opened the car door and placed my gently on the passenger side seat, grunting as he did so. Running to the other side of the car, he plopped himself in and started the engine.

"I would've walked back, weirdo." I ruffled his hair, receiving a laugh from him.

"Well, maybe I wanted to carry you." He glanced at me and then the road, making a turn.

"What if I didn't want you carry me?" I fired back.

"Guess you'll just have to suffer from the thought of me carrying you then." A smile was placed on his lips as he pinched my cheek. I shook my head and laughed at his childish gesture.

After a few more turns and listening to Niall hum to the songs playing through the radio, we pulled up to the university. He parked the car and we both got out.

"It was nice hanging out with you Vicky." A blush formed on his cheeks as he starred at me not wanting to break eye contact.

"It was nice hanging out with you too." I starred back at him.

He looked at the ground before coming closer to me, placing a kiss on my forehead and pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back, placing my head on his chest.

"Do you want to come up to my dorm?" The question slipped out of my mouth before I could process it.

"I can't. I have to catch up with the guys at 5 to head to the stadium." He said with disappoint hidden in his voice.

"Okay that's fine." I said, although I wish he would come up to the dorm so we can still hang out today.

But then I remembered it. He's on tour and he's probably leaving sometime very soon.

"I'll talk to you later, okay?" He squished me in another hug and I just nodded in response.

We said our goodbyes and I headed up to the dorm. Hopefully Gabriella is in the room so I can talk to her. I don't want to be left alone for the rest of the day.

I turned my dorm key in the hole and pushed the door open with my foot.

Gabriella sat on the couch in complete darkness watching what I assume to be Pretty Little Liars. She's obsessed with that show.

"Hey Gabriella! I have to tell you about tod- oh my god! What did you do to your hair!" I said after I turned the light switch on.

"Do you like it?" She walked towards me, flipping her brown hair to one shoulder.

"Oh my god you dyed your eyebrows too! What the hell did you do to your beautiful ginger hair?" I half yelled. I can't believe she actually dyed her hair. Yeah, she's been talking about doing it for months now, but I didn't think she would actually do it.

"So you don't like it?" She pouted.

"It looks great, I just didn't think you were actually going to do it."

"Well, I did." She laugh and I just rolled my eyes, siting on the couch while she sat down beside me.

"What did you have to tell me about today?" She asked, giving her full attention to me and not the four girls on the tv screen.

"Well.." I started, turning my whole body to face hers.

I started explaining everything to her from the call this morning to the conversation outside the building just a few minutes ago.

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