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Awoken by the sound of the dishes clattering against each other before the sun wasn't even fully up was not an ideal way to awake on a Sunday morning, but for Chase that was just part of his daily routine.

Chase sighed in frustration and ran his hands through his hair, before ripping off the warm sheets, and letting the cold morning air surround his shirtless torso. He forced himself to get up and start to get dressed, knowing that Mrs. Evan would have his head if he wasn't up and catering to his morning chores and making sure Nate got to his afternoon lacrosse practice.

That was his job and part of the deal after all.

Chase's mom used to live in the house and take care of it. She was one of the main housemaids. One night her and a butler ended up doing the dirty and having Chase. Part of the agreement for Chase's mom to keep him was when he was able to he had to be the young inheritors servant. Chase's mom had happily agreed since it meant she got to keep her son. His father ended up leaving with out a trace one night when Chase was around 8 so the following morning his mother set out on a quest to find him. She hasn't returned since. When Chase turned 13 he finally came to the fact that she's never coming back. He has never gotten his hopes up for anything after that.

Chase claims he shouldn't complain though. Mrs. Evans may not be the kindest but she pays Chase a fair amount every month. He had a warm bed and a roof over his head and food to eat. Plus his job isn't that bad. Nate is really nice, and his best friend.

Nate feels the same.

They've talked.

After all, who wouldn't feel like that? They've grown up next to each other. Chase's life may be a little rough around the edges, but it's perfect in its own way.

Chase grabbed his sweatshirt off the desk chair after he was fully clothed and slipped on his converse before heading downstairs and into the kitchen where the chef was busy preparing breakfast before the rest of the house was awake.
"Morning Chase!" He cheered, handing him a cup of what Chase assumed was iced coffee. Chase doesn't like warm coffee in the morning, it makes him tired and then he just wants to go back to bed. So instead he drinks iced coffee, same amount of caffeine and some sugar, plus it's a nice wake up call.
"Morning." Chase yawned, muttering a thank you as well.

"You're welcome." The chef replied, continuing to make coffee.

Chase sat at the barstool and chatted with the chef for a while, making sure to finish his coffee before checking the time and then heading for Nate's room. Mr. Evans passed and gave Chase a lovely smile and a happy 'good morning.' Chase always liked Mr. Evans, he was kind and he actually had a soul. Unlike his wife. Mr. Peters would always be his favorite though.

Chase knocked on Nate's door before opening it, surprised to see Nate sitting up in bed.
"Well your up early for a Sunday." Chase smiled, heading for the closet where he usually picks out Nate's clothes for the day and then collects his dirty clothes.

"Didn't sleep well." Nate called, rubbing his face.
"Oh. Why was that?"
"I was up late talking to Charlie."
"As in playing video games with Charlie?"
"Well... I mean... yeah."
"Can't lie to me Nathaniel I know all your tricks." Chase teased, picking up a pair of red athletic shorts and black t-shirt before walking out of the large closet and throwing the clothes to Nate.

Nate was oblivious to what was happening because on the flat screen hanging on his wall was Dunkirk. Nate loved that movie, but he liked war movies in general. Most the girls who've watched it only watched it because Harry Styles was in it and they were just old directioners. Honestly Harry was a fine actor in the film but you rarely saw him and he spoke like 2 lines, so the girls just wasted there money.

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