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Through many generations, a Hero by the name of Link has been reborn to stand up and battle any form of evil that threatened the kingdom known as Hyrule. With the help of the goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore, and in many cases a sidekick, Link would venture to find out his enemy's scheme and learn about what he needed to do to halt them.

For hundreds of years, there has been a time of peace, and the legendary hero has yet to be needed. All of Hyrule has come to a truce with the underworld, and all now live together in a giant city that was once Castle Town. They call this new city, Hyrule; named after the land they once inhabited. Even the goddesses, including Hylia, have decided that they would live on Earth and live a life of their own. They have all agreed that they would conceal themselves in a human form. They even believed that, if they didn't know what the other person was, then there would not be anything to fight about anymore.

Everything appeared to be perfect. A major school catered to all grade levels, practically no violence except for the occasional bar fights, and an excellent economy made Hyrule look like a perfect city. However, all of that was during the daytime. At night, however, Hyrule was an entirely different City. In the alleyways, violence was a way of life. Murder and vandalism filled the morning news. Even though all that transpired at night, any remnant of trouble was cleaned up with magic.

In the middle of the city sits the greatest evil to hit Hyrule. Palmer Industries, owned by Clark Palmer, owns just about everything. From the Hospitals to Hyrule Academy, you can't go anywhere without seeing his name. He pretty much ran the city. Palmer Industries is the tallest building in the city. Purposefully built that tall, so Clark would be able to observe the whole city right from his office; From Zora Bay in the south to the Forest of Lost Souls in the north. He could take in everything. If anyone tried to defy him, he would know.

Now we come to our main character of this epic tale. Liam attends and is in his 14th year at Hyrule Academy. The Academy is a place where all youngsters are required to attend and must complete 16 years. The first 12 years contain your basic classes such as Reading & Writing, Math, and Science. Years 13 through 16 have a higher Math and Science, as well as History & Legends, and Sword Fighting. Liam isn't exactly the brightest student, but he does get by on his own. He has two friends, Jacob and Nikki. And, as we all know, all schools have that one bully. The one that everyone fears; allowing them to run the place.

After his normal day of classes, he began heading home without delay. It was drawing close to winter. With the incoming chilly air, he was looking forward to returning home to a nice tall mug of hot cocoa; made from fresh Lon-Lon milk. He was so excited that he didn't even bother to hang out with his friends after school. He may be near twenty, but he couldn't pass up anything sweet made by his mother. What Liam didn't realize was, that he was about to happen upon his destiny. His world was about to be turned upside down.

He was just about halfway home when he heard what he could plainly tell was a scuffle, coming from an alley he passed. He kept telling himself not to worry and to keep on walking. He was not usually the nosey type, but something deep inside told him to look anyway. Not wanting to be seen, he got as close to the wall as he possibly could and popped his head around the corner. He made sure it was just enough as not to be noticed. What he saw shocked him so much that he almost fell over.

At first he saw two plain looking men fighting. One was overly buff and the other, a tad scrawny. Seeing as how there was a bar at the other end of the alley, it seemed normal that two drunks would be wanting to brawl. He did a double-take as he watched the two men begin to change. After the transformation, the buff man now looked like a pig with the scrawny man appearing to be a skeleton. He would normally pass that off as him not getting enough sleep, but this was the first time it happened that day.

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