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"You know what?" I said to Briana as she settled into her bed. "I can almost feel him."

"Okay, so that's too weird," she said. "Like how? I mean, what does it feel like?"

"An extra flutter in my chest or something." I shook my head as I settled into my bed. "Hard to describe."

Briana clicked out the lights, and only the moonlight spilling in from the open window lit our room. I was fine with that. My body was heavy with fatigue, so the lack of stimuli was totally welcomed. So much had changed in only a few days, I thought my head would spin.

"I can't believe my roommate is the Patronus. Did you read that chapter? I flipped ahead. Everyone's talking about it."


"A chick protecting a guy? Isn't that backwards?"

"You'd think so, huh?"

"What about Sean?"

"Ugh. I'm so not looking forward to that discussion. I've been avoiding him like crazy and throwing up some serious mental blocks if I did see him."

"And he just kissed you the other night. And then the sexy date."

"Don't forget the stinging betrayal, too." I settled in against my soft mattress, ready for a good night's rest.

"That makes it a little easier to ditch him, doesn't it?"

"Yeah. I mean, the guy has mad skills in the kissing department, but boy am I glad I stopped it before it went too far."

"Why'd you do that anyway?"

"Stop kissing him?"


"I don't know. Just wasn't right. He's had girlfriend after girlfriend. I didn't want to be his next notch. But it's a good thing I did, too, because I met up with those two girls at that party, then saw him later hanging on a different blonde." Saying it out loud to Briana confirmed it, like something clicked with me, finally.

"What if it was going to be different with you two, though?" she asked.

"Not sure it would have been. Especially since Tom and I are supposed to be together."

"Supposed to be together? Sounds like an assignment or something. Do you even like the guy?"

"Oh yeah. There was something there the first time I saw him."

"But still. You haven't even kissed the guy yet."

"True. The one time I almost did, stupid Sean interrupted."

"I get it. But you still like Sean, don't you?"


A soft pillow thumped against my face. "You lie."


"Look. It's me you're talking to, roomie."

"I know. And yeah, okay, I liked him. I mean, I've liked him a long time. Can't just turn that off."

"And then you got Tom hovering and reading your mind. Not to mention that he's some serious eye candy, you know."

"He sure is." My cheeks warmed as a picture of his face flashed in my mind.

"You like him?"

"Sure do." The light clicked on, blinding me. I shot up in bed shielding my eyes. "Hey, what are you doing?"

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