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Ever since I began developing Kiyoshi, I wanted to write a piece about his philosophy, purity. It interested me as it was the idea his character was based in, back then when I wasn't sure how it related to him.

I have come far with Kiyoshi since then, in about one year, when I started writing his journey from Teikoku to Kidokawa without the intention to publish it. I remember at first I had in mind an introspective fic about his past and what led him to want to cling to his purity so tightly, but as I wrote this piece I realized that to complete the picture of Keima and Kiyoshi's relationship, I need to show this piece.

Chronologically, Katharos is set between chapter's four and nine of Eyes And Lies. Kageyama noticed Yuu was hiding something, and decided to have Kiyoshi replace her as she was no longer loyal to him.

It's already in the tags, but I'll mention it again, this book contains BL (boy's love) so it's up to you whether to read it or not. The main story also has a good chunk of it but I would say here is a bit more obvious. And it's very mild.

Also, I recommend watching the attached videos, as the lyrics complement the content and give extra insight to the situation.

Without further ado, proceed to Kiyoshi's beginning of the end of his previous life.

Publishing date: March 23rd, 2018

Finished date: May 11th, 2018

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