~17~Get down and Dirty~

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Jaden's pov

It's been a month and I walked over to Hermione and Avry.

''Hey Jaden!''Avry greeted and I greeted them both with a smile.

''Um,Jaden?''Hermione and Avry looked at something behind me. I snapped around to see three boys. Trent Bakol,Nick Darland,and Sam Wrench.

''What the hell do y'all want?''I narrowed my eyes.

''I want you,sweetie.''Sam smirked and grabbed my @$$.

I scowled and smacked him across the face,knocking the wind out of him clearly because he collapsed,I saw Harry,Ron,and Draco watching.

''What about me? Call me daddy.''Nick came forward.my eyes flashed with anger.

I kicked him in the nuts and he bent over as I punched him in the face and kicked him into Sam.

''Who's your daddy now?''I smirked,Hermione and Avry shocked.

''Im a lot better than them,me hun?''Trent came forward.

''Back off Mister!''Avry growled.

''Shut up you b!tch!''Trent snapped.

''Hey,That's my sister pal.And she's no b!tch,but I am.''I punched Trent and tripped him when he wasn't paying attention. There was a crowd watching.

I had a huge smirk across my face as I walked off,pushing past Draco and Ron and Harry.

I felt eyes watching me as I walked outside.

''Damn Girl.''Draco appeared in front of me.

''What? A girl can't stick up for herself and her friends?''I smirked and Draco grinned,rolling his grey eyes.

''Cute. But I'm the only guy that actually loves you.''Draco came closer.

''Oh really? What are you gonna do to prove yourself?''I narrowed my eyes.

''that's not a question.''Draco chuckled and smashed his lips against mine.

I kissed him for a few minutes and pulled away,smirking as I saw the three boys I had beaten up.

I walked over,Draco seemed interested.

''Hey guys,I'm free.''I grinned.

''I'll have her. She's badass.''Trent grinned and tried to kiss me but I punched him in the face and slammed him into his friends,they backed up and Trent tried to stand,but I put my foot on him.

''Mmm,honey no. This is how I want you to remember me! The woman who beat you.''I smirked and kicked him in the face before walking off to Draco,Sam and Nick were helping Trent.

''How are you so hot when you're mad?''Draco wondered.

''I guess I can make it work. Like you babe.''I kissed his cheek and walked over to Hermione and Avry.

''Thanks for standing up to me!''Avry smiled brightly and I grinned.

''No problem. ''I shrugged.

''You served Trent good!''Hermione pointed to Trent,who was crying.

'Good. He knows not to mess with me or my friends.''I spat.


I stood in front of Trent and his two retard friends. I was with Hermione and Avry.

~~Cringe Worthy,Song-You seeee.~~

''I'm tasty,delicious I'm rough round the edges. My mind is obsessive,my flex is agressive,''I went on.

''Glad I didn't listen to my teachers,teachers teach you not to be a dreamer!''Avry grinned.

''I dont mind offending,i aint bout' pretending. Them haters be hating,my fashion be trending.''Hermione flipped her brown locks.

''Now I'm a believer,check out the stamps on my visa,we international divas,bit I started out making your pizzas.''Avry giggled.

''Yeah,if we only got one night, forget about the world outside and put your hands up real high!''We all smiled.

''Get down and Dirty. I know you heard me. Get down and Dirty.''We all looked at our boyfriends.

''I don't ask the mirror,I'm know I'm the fairest,I'm bringin' the fire,so call me Daenerys. They wanna know who sneakin' into my place,they don't need to know,no ones business of how I play.''I said as Draco smirked slightly.

''Three bad,uh! Can't wake us,we approachin' plenty room in the Royce if you rollin' if you wanna go fast then say yeah.''Hermiome and Avry stated a fact.

''put your hands in the air!''Everybody was yelling.

''Get down and Dirty.''I flicked trents chin and we walked off,everybody cheering as the boys didn't try to. We all ended up kissing our boys.

''And no ones business of how I play,''I mumbled to Draco and he kissed me,Harry kissing Avry,Ron kissing Hermione,


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