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Okay okay stay here I said

I went to the kitchen putting her some ice cream in a bowl I grabbed a spoon going to the living room sitting down

Here you go I said

She smiled putting her small feet in my lap

***10 minutes later****

Dev she wined

What man I mumbled rubbing my eyes

My stomach hurts she sniffed

Well I told you not to eat it didn't I I said mugging her

She covered her face as she started to fake cry I sat up pulling her into my lap she kissed my lips smiling.


Hi fat man I cooded kissing Grayson cheeks.

He started to wine as Dakota grabbed him putting his binky in his mouth

Give me my baby back I mugged

Chill out he my baby too he said

I know that Dakota but I wanna hold him too I mugged

No man leave us  alone he said

I sighed rolling my eyes I went upstairs laying in his bed. I yawned putting my phone on the charger. We don't have the same charger because he have the I phone X that phone not all that if you ask me. He wanted to give me one but I decided to stay with I phone 7 plus.

I was scrolling through Instagram when I seen a video of Bentley . Someone was obviously recording him hugged up with some girl she had pretty brown skin with long curly hair.

I clicked on his page seeing pictures and videos of her. I frowned my face up seeing a video of her in the hospital  with Bentley sitting next to her bed.

I clicked off his page going to Dakota sitting on his lap as he wrapped his arms tight around my waist

Do you still talk to Bentley I ask

Not really why he yawned

Well I was on his page looking at his girlfriend I'm guessing and she was in the hospital I was wondering if you knew anything about it I said

Oh yeah her name is tia she got in a car accident and she has lung  cancer Bentley not taking it so well he said

I got up as he laid back on the couch . I laid between his legs dozing off .


I fixed my socks peeking out the room . I wobbled downstairs seeing Dorian smoking with his freinds and his girl.

Babe I thought she left she pouted

Leave her the hell alone man she can stay here if she want to I already told you my best friend come before you if you got a problem you can leave he said

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