Chapter 7

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We have VIP passes luckily, so we get to go to a certain area in front of all the crazy fan girls.
My ear drums just about break from all the fan girls screaming. Nash runs past us and high fives everyone. I see Cameron waiting by the doors with my glasses on.
More screams.
The more the names came, the louder the girls got. When everyone was on stage, the boys talked to everyone and did their own little thing. Shawn sang and Lindsay was swooning over him. She was harmonizing, but softly to herself.
"Does anyone want to come up and sing with Shawn?" I raise my hand. Nash looks at me and points then whispers to Shawn.
"Natalie what are you doing...?" Linds questions, obviously scared.
"You'll see!" I reply.
"You with the bandana and tie dye leggings." Shawn shouts.
"Actually I raised my hand for my friend." I yell. Lindsay's face turns red and she shakes her head. Nash grins and comes over and picks her up and carries her onto the stage. Shawn puts his hands out so Lindsay can hold them. She slips her hands on top of his and he holds her hands. After that, he whispers something in her ear and she smiles and nods. "Ok! I'll do it." She says.

"Let's sing Say Something." Shawn says. Everyone cheers. When they start to sing everyone goes quiet. Lindsay's voice harmonizing with Shawn's sounds really good. After they finish Shawn kisses Lindsay's cheek and she smiles. She hugs him and runs off the stage to me. "Aww! Linds! That was so cute! You sounded amazing!" I tell her. Mahogany puts lipgloss on and the boys go around choosing girls to bring on stage with them. Hayes and Cameron seem to be racing towards me, but Hayes gets to me first. He grabs my hand and pulls me up on stage. Shawn gets Lindsay. Carter gets a petite red head with blue eyes; Jack J grabs a young blonde girl with one green eye and one blue eye, and Jack G gets a tall girl with curled black hair and brown eyes. On the other hand, Nash gets a little eight year old girl and puts her on his back. Cameron eventually settles for a blonde with brown eyes. Quickly, Taylor grabs a girl with a bandana.

Matt comes back on stage with a fluffy teddy bear and starts dancing with it. Everyone laughs. Hayes, Cameron, Matt, and Carter form a circle around me and start doing their lipgloss dance. I join in and then the song changes to wiggle. The four boys get closer and start twerking on me. I start cracking up and I just stand there awkwardly. I look to my left and Lindsay and Shawn are talking. The other girls are dancing with Nash, Jack G, Jack J, and Taylor. Hayes grabs my hand and twirls me in a circle. I smile and realize that most of the girls have gotten off. I hop off and go back to Lindsay. Eventually the stage part ended and we were able to meet the boys.

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