Part 24

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Charlie: So...

Jake: So.

Charlie: Is no-one gonna talk about what happened today or was I having a mad daydream!?

Jake: I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way

Charlie: I've asked Isaac, Kaeleigh, Lily, Evan and a bunch of others, and they just laughed thinking I was joking! Why does no-one believe me? Do you truly believe me or are you kidding around?

Jake: Why would I joke about such thing? Have you or have you not known me for ten years?

Charlie: I'm sorry. It's just... it's so strange!

Jake: Ik. We're the only ones who seem to remember about it.

Charlie: Right. We'll go over the events and see if we're truly thinking the same.

Jake: A man with a shotgun came into our classroom and shot Aaron, followed by about three others. 

Charlie: Yes! I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who knows about Aaron Fisher. Literally, everyone's cut him out of the world!

Jake: Bless him. 

Charlie: It happened at about 10:30, just as we were about to leave maths class for tutor. 

Jake: Aaron's girlfriend seems really depressed atm. I haven't spoken to her though.

Charlie: Who? Ellie Partham?

Jake: Yeah! Have you spoken to her?

Charlie: Yep. She's complaining to EVERYONE about being single and her recent breakup with Harry.

Jake: Mate that was about a year ago when they split!

Charlie: Yeah! Before Aaron even came to our school. 

Jake: So this is gonna sound mad... 

Charlie: Yeah?

Jake: But do you think we may have possibly gone back in time?

Charlie: Yeah you sound mad.

Jake: Thought I did. 

Charlie: But it is a little possibility. 

Jake: Yeah...

Charlie: I mean, you blacked out after panicking and hitting your head on a table, and one of the guys grabbed me, and threw me against the wall, knocking me out.

Jake: I woke up in the middle of class. It was about five minutes after (I think), and everything seemed normal. 

Charlie: The thought of us going back in time isn't that daft now. After all, did you see Mr Holly at all? 

Jake: Nope. He only started last month, didn't he?

Charlie: Yeah. Well, a month before we went back in time. 

Jake: Imma check the date.

Charlie: OK.

Jake: Urm... you won't believe this.

Charlie: What? 

Jake: It's the 17th of November.

Charlie: Yeah..?

Jake: 2015.

Charlie: WAIT

Jake: Crazy. 

Charlie: So... we've gone back two years?

Jake: Yeah!

Charlie: That means my younger cousin Anna isn't born yet, my brother Alfie still has braces, Laura and Benjamin haven't joined our classes yet, I'm not dating Trinity yet, Miss McScot and Mrs Clapman haven't begun teaching, and my Grandad is still alive. 

Jake: Do you think something weird is gonna happen because we've gone back in time?

Charlie: You've watched too many sci-fi movies.

Jake: And Horror.

Charlie: Ugh!! This is so weird.

Jake: That means we're 13?

Charlie: Ew. Those times were awful.

Jake: I thought I looked younger. Damn I look different.

Charlie: Well obviously you do! We look two years younger.

Jake: Lol is your hair brown again?

Charlie: Crap. 

Jake: Well how are we going to get back into the future?

Charlie: idfk.

Jake: I guess we could just relive some of our mistakes? You could ask Trinity out now and date for longer.

Charlie: I could... but what if we mess something MAJOR up?

Jake: Oh well. 


Jake: o-O this is amazing

Charlie: Oh jeez this is creeping me out. 

Jake: Yeah... Oh god Sarah's still going to be stalking me isn't she?

Charlie: Lmao I forgot about that

Jake: Fgs

Charlie: Hey, this might be fun.

Jake: Yeah... sure.

Contest Closed. Sorry :(

Georgie x

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