Yeah, it drags on quite a bit, I'm terribly sorry. D:

Picture is off Emma Roberts who I have cast as Natalie. As for the twins, I have chosen the two blonde girls from Zack And Cody.


Staring sorrowfully into the mirror, I frowned heavily at the disaster that was me. My black hair had been scraped back into a bun, pink lip gloss lathering my lips, making them look girly and greasy. My pale pink dress revealed my curves, my feet aching from the heels. 

It won’t be for long, I tried to tell myself over and over but it failed to make me feel any better.

I couldn’t face my family like this; I couldn’t face anyone like this. Averting my gaze, I stepped out into the hall, my mother at the bottom of the stairs, another figure seen by her side. The greasy hair, and shallow brown eyes were all too familiar, it was then that I remembered Elijah would be attending the party with me. My Aunt Cassie had said I could bring a friend and my insisted, well forced me to, invite Elijah, it scared me how willingly he had said yes.

I tried to distract myself from his adoring stare as I carefully climbed down the stairs, my steps shaken. He swallowed all too heavily, though it was strange how I had heard it, for I would have never heard it before. His breathing seemed to be so much louder, as if he were right next to me, breathing down my neck; I didn’t know what to think. Inhaling lightly, his musty scent rose to my nose, trying my best to hide my disgusted look I finally stepped down onto the laminate flooring, Elijah not bothering to step back. Thankfully his scent had faded, as had his breathing. I decided not to question it, perhaps my mother had heard it too, and maybe she had smelt that scent, it was hard not too, it just had seemed so much stronger than usual, as if my senses had sharpened.

My mother stood smiling, a look of approval shown, of course she’d praise Natalie, my cousin, more than me. Natalie was only a year older than me, yet she was so much more sophisticated, or so she seemed. She worked well in every subject at school, meaning she always gained good grades. She had long, brown hair and green eyes. She never really needed make-up for her skin was perfect, her lashes naturally long and her cheeks a permanent rosy red, she only really ever wore lip gloss. Most girls would kill for a figure like her’s, she didn’t need to do much to keep it perfect either, it just came naturally. How I hated her. She was one of those snobby girls who looked down on those who weren’t into the same things as she was, meaning she looked down on me. She had passed so many comments on the music I listened too, on the clothes I wore, yet no one ever seemed to notice, they all thought of her as an angel, only I saw the real her; a cold-hearted bitch.

“Let’s go!” my father said, joining my mother’s side.

Those two words had caused my heart to sink; I was dreading the night I would have with my snobby cousin and annoying family. 

Stepping out into the street, a cold breeze blowing by, folding my arms over my torso, I hoped to warm myself up. Elijah had noticed for he had begun to remove his jacket.

“No,” I said softly, not wanting to sadden him. “Keep it on, I’m fine, honest.”

He merely nodded as he let me pass first, entering the car, I slipped over to the other side. Elijah was much better than any other boy, personality wise anyway, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe I actually liked him. I knew it was best to say something, but letting my emotions loose wasn’t a speciality of mine.

As we pulled off of the drive and moved on down the road, I only hoped there would be alcohol or I knew I would be suffering. At least if I had some alcohol in me then I’d be capable of handling what I was about to endure, then I wouldn’t have the urge to slap Natalie, oh how I’ve always wanted to slap her.

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