Part 1 - Chapter 28

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By the time WallTall pulled the car up to her stepfather's house, Vyola had resigned herself to the fact there were very few people she could trust and with Mandi gone, fewer looking out for her.  If she didn't know the minds of her best friends in her own band, she doubted there was much she knew for certain. She felt drained.

Patience, however, was full of energy after her nap and, Vyola supposed, from relieving herself of her secret about Danny. She leapt from the car before WallTall could make it around to open the door.

"WallTall, could you go get us some wine? Please?" Patience asked.

"I think you had enough to drink today," he said.

"Oh, come on."

"No. I am going to get some food. Chicken. Anyone want?"

"All right," Patience stamped her foot, "I'll have some chek-in. Do you want chek-in, too, Vy?

"Sure, sounds good. Thanks, WallTall," Vyola tilted her head toward Patience as WallTall got back into the car, "Rob has a wine cellar."

"Excellent," Patience said, "I don't know why we don't visit more often."

Vyola gave her a look, pulled out her keys and opened the front door. She threw her bag on the side table and turned on some lights, running her fingers lightly over a pile of mail. At the bottom of the stairs she paused and looked around. She walked down the hall, turned the kitchen lights on, then on her way back opened the doors to the living room and looked in.

"Everything okay?" Patience asked.

Vyola nodded, "Yeah. I guess I'm not used to being here without my Mom and Rob. And I'm kind of wiped out."

Patience kicked off her shoes and stretched her arms high over her head, "You should have taken a nap, Vy. I feel so much better."

"Yeah, maybe," Vyola said. 

"So what should we do tonight? Want to practice?"

Vyola was surprised. Patience never wanted to practice, and without their drummer/songwriter, there was little they could accomplish.

"I don't know if I'm up for it."

Patience draped her arm over Vyola's shoulder, "I know you feel like crap. I know this has been the shittiest of days for so many reasons, and I know what I'm about to say sounds nothing at all like me - but let's do something positive and life affirming - we both really need it."

"I feel bad now that we were so hard on J-j."

"That feeling will pass," Patience said.

Vyola laughed, "Okay. Let me go change first. Come on."

"Shit," Patience stopped, smacking herself on her forehead.


"I left my bag and phone in the car."

"Don't worry, Pat. It's safe with WallTall. He'll be back soon."

"Ugh, I know. But I hate that feeling."

"You're addicted," Vyola said.

"Well I can't be that bad, or I wouldn't have forgotten it."

Patience stuck out her tongue and then bounded down the hall ahead of her, turning into the small hallway next to the kitchen that led to the back of the house and Vyola's room.

"Do you have anything I'll fit into?"Patience asked, jumping onto Vyola's bed.

Vyola nodded, "I'm pretty sure I have some leggings long enough for you."

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