Chapter 67

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A soft gust of wind hit her face as he dashed off, but was back barely a second later, handing her a towel and a bottle of water to rinse her mouth. She took them from him without looking up.

“You were brilliant,” he noted, pulling her onto her feet. “Now, how about that picnic?”


“There’s a waterfall and a lake about a mile or so from here. It’s beautiful in the sun; do you want to have the picnic there?” Zayn asked. “The water is always warm, maybe we can have a swim after food, what do you say, Eve?” He reached over from atop of Shadow to touch Evelyn’s hand, but she automatically moved away before their flesh made contact.

Her eyes were firmly locked on her hands, holding the leather reins tightly, her knuckles white from the pressure. There were glimmers of tears lingering in and around her eyes.

Zayn watched her like an eagle would a prey. He could see the pain behind her emotionless face, the emptiness of her eyes... It struck a nerve in his own heart, and there was nothing he wanted more at that very moment to reach out and comfort her, but he knew, he knew, his flesh was the last thing she’d wants to be touching after what happened.

So, he kept his distance, riding silently beside her, keeping his gaze off her so she could experience some kind of privacy. But in the corner of his eyes, Zayn’s attention never left her. To see her in pain like that, it was a physical pain to her, and he hated himself to be the reason behind her pain. He wanted to make her happy; to give her joy, but the beast inside was untameable.

She was his light, and the dark and lonely part of him needed her like he needed air. He had tried to keep his distance from her, tried to let her go… but he couldn’t. She was more than just a girl to him, she was his lifeline.

After thousands of years of loneliness, he had never encountered somebody who could make him feel the way Evelyn could, and knowing she was in love with another man made his blood boil. Knowing Ethan and she had sex behind his back? It made Zayn want to kill the closest thing he can get his hands on.

He hated the thought of another man touching Evelyn, his Evelyn. He wanted to hold her in his arms so tight and make sure she’ll never escape; never leave. He wanted her at his side, as his, his lover, his Queen, his everything. He refused to let Ethan win, Evelyn was his, and he would bring the world to its knees to keep her his.

After all, what good was all the money and power in the world if it could not give you the one thing you wanted? And to Zayn, Evelyn was that one thing.

He will make her love him, and he will make her his Queen… Whatever it takes, however long it takes.

“Do you want to hear the rest of the story?” he asked after some time of complete silence.

She said nothing; she refused to meet his eyes. Her thumbs were digging into the rein, trying to break the smooth piece of leather. He believed Evelyn was pretending that rein was his heart, and she was thinking of all the different ways she could try to kill him—if he could die.

“So, where was I…? Ah yes, I should have been more selective with my choices… But I’ll get to that later. I didn’t realise the mistake in picking the people I did till later, much later, more like four centuries later… Venice and Lyla’s spell worked—they had worked better than anyone could have dreamt off. Our powers, it was mind blowing the thing we could suddenly do. There may be a lot of bad blood between Venice, Lyla and I, but I could never criticise on the amazing job they’d done on not only me but themselves and the rest of The Seven. Without them, the vampire race would cease to exist.

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