Short Author's Note.

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Ok, I Wrote Some Drabble A While Back And, This Drabble Turned Into Fifteen Chapters... I Know Another Story is Not What I Needed But, I Think You Guys Will Like The Idea. So, I'm Gunna Give You Heads Up. There Is A LOT Of Graphic Content (Violent Some Sexual) And, If You Can't Handle It I Suggest You DO NOT Read The Book With That Being Said I Hope You Guys Enjoy It And Bear With Me... It's Been Awhile Since I Wrote BxG.

*** Update: I'm currently editing the story. Right now, I'm fixing the clutter format, then I will be fixing grammar & other errors. So, if it looks all over the place or different in various chapters, its just me sliding through and editing them. Idk, how people still like this trash ass book, but thanks for the support ❤️ ***

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