Of Fire and Rain

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Glistening jewels, flowing dress and luxurious clothes weren't Kiyomei Ren's style. Though she didn't particularly like it, she was still very alright with her being the one with the luxury. Compared to her previous life, it was light years better.

Kiyomei was chosen to be adopted into the royal family after Kouen witnessed her potential. Skilled as a swords woman, her intelligence was on par with Hakuei's. Definitely a valuable asset to the Kou Empire army.

Not only that, Kiyomei Ren possessed two powerful creatures known as Djinns. It added more power into the Kou Empire, especially since when all of the generals possessed Djinns themselves.

Soft footsteps echoed the halls of the palace, velvety leather flats tapped against the ground beneath. Silk brushed against the ground lightly as the individual walked.

A sigh escaped her lips, a sigh of boredom. Surely from the lack of interesting activities. Not much had happened since Kiyomei had became princess.

I'm bored Kiyomei, play with me.

She ignored the persistent voice in her head, pleading and begging. Come on. Use me, take my hand and ruin this land.

'Shut up. Keep yourself busy. Feed on my determination or whatever you do. Leave me alone' Kiyomei snapped back in return, mentally of course or else she would've look like a psychotic girl yelling into thin air.

The voice stopped briefly, a silence emerged from the nothing passed between the two. Kiyomei let a huff out, relieved that the voice had left her mind.

"Oh, what might our dear princess be doing out here pacing about?"

'Tch' Kiyomei allowed a curve to the edges of her lips, tugging it into a smile. Her lilac hues met crimson. "Oh my, if it isn't lord Kouen? I'm delighted. How are you?"

Kouen let out a deep chuckle, sending a shiver down Kiyomei's spine. It was a sinister and dark chuckle. "I am doing lovely, you my dear sister?" Kiyomei's eyes flickered like flames, a dangerous glare in them.

"Splendidly. I'm still adjusting to the royal treatment but thank you for the concern, dear brother." Tension cut deep into the air, thick and difficult to breath. She was treading in dangerous grounds.

"Of course, I've have to look after my elder sister. After all," Kouen lifted his head slightly, venom laced his words, "we don't want any trouble."

Kiyomei's hand twitched, her instinct kicked in. She sensed the danger in Kouen's words. He was deeply suspicious of her but as long as he has Kiyomei under his fingers, nothing will happen.

If the two were to fight, Kiyomei seriously doubted that she could even land a hit on that man. He was a dangerous character, a unnerving feeling floated in Kiyomei's mind.

Kill him.

Rip him apart.

Make him cry in agony.

Use me Kiyomei... use me.

Kiyomei snarled under her breath, "Go away you damn Djinn." Kouen seemed pleased with how Kiyomei was acting. He walked past her, gently patting her shoulder. "Take care and don't cause any trouble alright?"

"Yes sir."

The moment Kouen walked away, the tension eased. As if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders. It was easier to breathe and certainly, a lot easier to think straight.

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