Sick Day- Kai & Nya

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"Y/N! Get down here before I pick the movie!!" Kai yelled from the game room.

You hurried down, you loved movie night! And tonight it was your turn to pick the movie! "Okay! We're going to watch F/M!" You smiled.

"Sounds great!" Nya said and put it in.

You sat in between your siblings and watched as the movie started, eating popcorn and candy while you watched.

But as the movie progressed you stopped eating and drink all together You weren't sure why, you just didn't feel like it anymore.

By instinct you snuggled close to your brother, and he looked at you. "Are you okay little sis?" He asked quietly.

You shrugged a bit and closed your eyes. "Just not hungry."

Nya looked at Kai a little concerned and felt your forehead. And much to their dismay, you felt warm.

"Fever, and from what she said, her stomach might be bothering her." She said.

"Sounds like we're in for the Flu." Kai said and carefully picked up your sleeping form.

You groaned slightly in your sleep, as Kai carried you to bed.

"I'll get the meds and a bowl, just incase." Nya said and left to get them.

Kai layed you down, only for you to wake up. "Kai..." you groaned and clung to him.

Kai chuckled, you are always clingy when you don't feel well. So he layed down with you.

Nya walked in and smiled softly at the sight. "Snuggle monster." She chuckled and set the bowl down next to your bed, and got a dose of medicine ready.

Kai shook you gently. "Sis, Y/N, wake up. You gotta take your medicine." He cooed as if you were five again.

You stirred gently and opened your eyes. "Okay.." You said and took the meds.

"There ya, now sleep the nasty big off." Nya smiled and kissed your forehead.

You smiled a bit and fell back asleep, cozy between your loving siblings.

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