Sick Day- Zane

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((Now before I begin, I had strep like this, I didn't have a sore through just a very, very, very annoying rash.))

You and Zane had just gotten back from a small brother-sister vacation. Redness had started jist on your arms, so you brushed it off as a sunburn.

Zane, as expected, asked to scan you, just to make sure the 'sunburn' wasn't too bad. "May I? I don't want young be at risk for skin cancer." He said in a caring tone.

"Of course." You said and faced your brother, standing still.

He quickly scanned you. "Oh, this is unfortunate." He said softly.

"What is it?" You asked, scratching at the 'sunburn'.

"You have strep, please don't scratch at it." Zane said and went to grab some meds.

"What!? Ugh, what a way to begin my day." You said getting agitated at the itching.

He came back with the medication and some anti-itch cream, for the rash.

"These will help, but it will last for about two weeks." Zane said.

"Two weeks, great." You said and took the meds.

Zane made you some soup, while you rubbed the cream on your arms. "So I can't itch at all?" You pouted slightly.

"Not unless you want it to spread." He chuckled at your childish behavior.

You sighed dramaticly, chuckling a bit. "Pwease Zaneee?" You begged as you layed on the couch.

"Why do I hear a five year old!?" Kai yelled from his room.

"Says the guy who acts like one when his hair is messed up!" You yelled back.

You could heard everyone else burst out laughing. "Ha! Take that!" Jay yelled.

You smirked to yourself. "You know, maybe now I can prank Kai even better."

"Oh? How?" Zane asked bringing in a bowl of soup.

"I'll chase him with my germs." You smiled and took the bowl.

Zane chuckled. "I'll get that on video."

You chuckled, and you did what you promised. So it was a long week for you, and Kai.

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