Sick Day- Jay

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You had nothing to do today, so it was a good excuse to stay in bed all day.

Being a Saturday, you thought that you were just tired. So, you went ahead and took a nap for a while.

But, when you woke up, your head felt like it was going to explode.

"Ugh, Jay!" You called, your voice ringing in your head, making the  headache worse.

Jay ran in. "What's up sis?" He asked in his normal cheery voice. Which only made your head hurt worse.

"Jay, hush. My head is killing me." You said softly, rubbing your temples.

He gasped softly and ran out of your room.

"Great, I've been abandoned." You mumbled.

"No you haven't!" He yelled back.

You held your head. "Shut up!" Jay quickly, yet quietly came back into your room with meds for your head.

"Here ya go." He handed them to you, with a glass of water.

You smiled slightly, "Thanks." You said and took them.

Jay climbed in bed with you and hugged you. "Sleep little sister." He said as if his words would put you to sleep instantly.

You giggled a bit. "Thanks Jay." And snuggled close to your brother.

He smiled and stayed by your side until you were well, which ended up with him getting a cold.

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