Chapter 12

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Far from the smoldering wreckage was the rest of the Crucis Sentinels at the western part of the campus. They had word that a 7-foot monster broke into a research facility. Single file and in a straight line, they sprinted up the steps and went to the third floor.

Delta Crucis pulled out her Aethereal-powered Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle and led the pursuit as they flanked on the left side of the hallway in a straight line. They made their way to the broken door of the research facility. Delta and Alpha Crucis took coverage of the left side of the door, while Gamma and Epsilon Crucis took coverage on the right.

Alpha Crucis being the strongest when it comes to spiritual awareness took a deep breath and meditate, focusing on any signs of life. Five seconds later, she found none. The room was empty.

"All clear," Alpha Crucis confirmed as the group eased up and went inside. The chemical lab looks like a category four hurricane went through and tore this place apart. Broken glass was everywhere, flipped over chairs, desks were broken in half, most of the shelves that were ruffled and ultimately went into and computers that were smashed into bits.

"Well, this looks like our living room when the New Zealand All Blacks won the Rugby championship back in the day," Epsilon Crucis ribbed.

"Quick question: of all the chemistry labs and research facilities that a ruthless killing machine could go into, why in the world with he or she going to this one?" Alpha Crucis questioned.

"Medicine. The Lycanthrope was looking for medicine," Gamma Crucis giving her opinion as she collected a clump of dander off the broken table. She picked it up with some tweezers and put it into a small container.

Epsilon Crucis made her way to the opiate cabinet. Oddly enough, it was untouched, "I know one thing. That big old wolf wasn't looking to get high. There is a shit ton of oxy in here. Not a scratch."

"That's not a rarity at all," Alpha Crucis said. "Almost every university have opiates in their medical facilities. They also have even harder drugs like cocaine and oxycodone."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Epsilon Crucis said in disbelief.

Alpha Crucis nodded, "You wouldn't believe. But all of it is for study."

"Shit, recreational study," Epsilon Crucis heckled.

Delta Crucis was taking pictures of evidence on her smartphone, "have any of you seen, Beta?"

"She sent me a message, she was dealing with a few those girls from the Oleander Syndicate in the northern part of the campus," Alpha Crucis announced.

Of all the people who would try to step in on their mission, it just had to be the Oleander Syndicate. Delta Crucis sources were accurate after all. Even for a Crucis Sentinel, dealing with the inner circle of the Oleander Syndicate is a un-envious task and a solemn undertaking to accomplish. If the Oleander Syndicate is here, that means they too are in great danger.

Delta Crucis is naturally frightened about the current discovery, "Those psychos are here?! W-who showed up?! Testament!? Angel of Death?! It must be Artemis! A-after all, she has some lycanthrope blood in her--"

"About, three wolf kemonomimi so far?" Alpha Crucis clarified. After hearing the good news, Delta Crucis' dread quickly turned into relief and disgust.

Grandmaster Dolph Eichner made some highly questionable decisions while being the leader of the Oleander Syndicate. One of them has not only become a huge eyesore of the entire organization but has become a meme.

He financially invested in a group of females who are all kemonomimi and can control the Nether. Even though they deem themselves as the Nether Elite, they are a complete joke. To be quite honest, they do more harm than good.

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