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I woke up from my dream with a smile on my face. I looked at my wrist, which was currently sporting my favorite bracelet. It says "Dreams Always Come True". I hope that my bracelet is right.

I got dressed in a coral tank top with blue rhinestones and jean capris. Tonight is my dad and Anne's rehearsal dinner. Tomorrow is wedding ceremony and party. In 2 days my dad, Anne, Harry and I are going to Italy for their honeymoon for a week and a half. This is going to be an amazing two weeks.

Then the memories from last night flooded my mind. That kiss with Harry was so amazing. But I have to set some things straight with him. I knocked on his door, and a super hot, tanned, shirtless boy opened it. My soon to be step-brother.

"Hey Lil." Harry said as he pulled me into his room and shut the door. Right when the door closed, he pulled me into a hug and kissed my nose.

"Good morning Harry. I need to talk to you about something serious but your sorta distracting me." I said as I pulled away from him and motioned to his shirtless body.

He pulled on a shirt and looked into my eyes with a worried expression, "What's wrong?"

"About last night… I just want to know… what are we?" I said a bit embarrassed.

He stopped to think for a moment then answered my question. "Well… I mean I would consider you my girlfriend…"

I was so relieved he didn't say that we are just friends with benefits… or in our case step-siblings with benefits. 

"I would consider you my boyfriend too but we need to set some boundaries."

Harry looked at me with confusion. "Boundaries?"

"Yeah. Like no hugging or kissing in front of our parents… or anyone we know for that matter. We can't let anyone know about us. Think about how weird that would be."

Harry thought about what I said and nodded, then took a few steps closer to me. "Okay. But right now it looks like it's just you and me, so I can do this." He said as he pulled me into a hug. "And this." He said right before giving me a peck on my lips.

I kissed him back then pulled away. "We shall continue this later. But right now we have a big day ahead of us."


After a long day of making sure everything is perfect for the wedding tomorrow , and picking up Gemma from the airport (she came home from college for the rehearsal dinner and wedding but is going back before the honeymoon.), I got ready for the rehearsal dinner. I put on a gorgeous baby blue dress that was tight on top and flowed out at my hips and had an open back. It fit me perfectly, if I do say so myself. I put on my strappy wedges, a little mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss, and then headed downstairs where everyone was meeting before we left for the restaurant. Right as I got to the last step of the staircase, I saw an insanely gorgeous face staring at me.

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